Welcome to the 9th Annual Henry County Harvest Showcase

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By The Staff

By John Logan Brent

Henry County Judge/Executive and Showcase Committee Member

On July 26, Henry County will host its ninth annual Henry County Harvest Showcase. Some nostalgically refer to this event as the Harvest Homecoming. Perhaps this is because they have a chance to cross paths with friends and neighbors they haven’t seen in a long time. Some call it the Harvest Festival. With all the music, food, and laughter from young and old it is definitely a festival atmosphere. I like to refer to the Showcase as the largest “all-local” ag festival in the state of Kentucky. Until someone can prove me wrong I am going to continue to make that claim. The event’s committee rightly named it the Harvest Showcase more than nine years ago because they wanted to showoff the very best of Henry County agriculture to the world.

The Showcase is special and unique in so many ways.

More than an event, it is a statement by the people of Henry County. We not only get to sell food and products to our neighbors, we share stories about how, when, where, why and who grew that food. A city kid gets to make a connection for the first time that food comes from real people caring for the land, not the supermarket.

By holding the Showcase every year we also get to share our rural heritage. A 70-year old farmer stands proudly beside a restored tractor and as he lifts a young child to the seat, he thinks about when he sat on his grandfather’s lap and drove one like it many years ago.

This year, with $4 gas, the Showcase drives home the message that buying local makes more sense than trucking food from thousands of miles away. In simple dollar terms the showcase always makes sense, because admission is always free! For all these reasons and more I invite you to make plans to come out and have a great day next Saturday, July 26, at the Henry County Fairgrounds.