Welcome new members; DQ is business of the month

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By Pat Wallace

It is always a pleasure to welcome new members to the Chamber.
This week we introduce Wanda Thurman, one of the hardest workers and supporters of New Castle, as an Associate Member and Goodwill Industries who do so much good work with our youth in their Kentuckiana Works program with Paula Ratliff.

Associate Members are those who wish to support the Chamber in their work for Henry County, but they are not a business, but also include churches, civic organizations and charities.  The dues for Associate Members are $50.

Our membership investments for retail, educational, farm, service and professionals are based on the number of employees and run from $100-$350.

Manufacturers and Industry are also based on employee number and run from $200-$600.  If you would like to be a member of the Chamber, just call 845-0806 for an application.

You can also check out our website at www.chamber.henrycountyky.com for an application. 

What are some of the activities of the Chamber?
Just this week the Chamber has been coordinating meetings with local businesses and industry to share information on work force development and skills needed by those who have been hit by the recession. 
The Adult Education Program located in the Warrior Activity Center (formerly Community Center in Eminence), is working toward helping those who need to brush up on job search skills as well as offering adult literacy and GED classes. 

By facilitating these meetings, the Chamber is working toward having a well trained workforce for our industries and businesses and helping make certain that sufficient workers are available if a new company decides to locate here.

The Chamber also sponsors a quarterly luncheon with the mayors of our five cities.  The goal is for them to share information, receive input on various problems that might arise, and promote unity of the county.
There are three new mayors and the Chamber hopes these meetings will help them find answers to common problems and set common goals.
Did you know that the Chamber has recently finished a new map of the county?

They are only $2 and can be purchased at the Chamber office at 11 North Main in New Castle and at the PVA office in the Courthouse Annex.

Business of the Month: Dairy Queen
They have recently completed a complete remodel of the interior, and it certainly looks great. 

It is more spacious and is handicapped accessible.  The restrooms have been totally redone and be sure to read the door signs as the men and women have switched places.

They have also become a non smoking restaurant. 

But best of all, the liars (or Amen) table is still there for the daily gathering of tall tales, gossip, and solving the world’s problems. 
The DQ has caring workers who know the orders from the regulars before they can even tell them.

Owner Virgil Price and manager Jason Simpson work hard to be certain high standards are met, and the workforce has little turnover.

The main changes come from  students returning to school or college, but overall the workers enjoy being there and become friends of the customers. 

With warm weather just around the corner, stop by for the DQ specialties such as a Blizzard, chicken basket or one of the many varieties of burgers available.

Also DQ serves a delicious breakfast from pancakes to biscuits and sausage. Coffee and/or orange juice with a full breakfast will help you open your eyes and get to work. 

Fast service and friendly smiles and the answer to all the problems of the day will start your day off right.