What history lurks in your nickname?

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By Brad Bowman


 I am always trying to hunt down a good story. Sometimes you have to sit back and wait like a fisherman for the big one to come along and  bite on your line. I would be remiss not to mention that some of the great stories I have covered came from our readers. I am always thankful for a good story and I have been given an idea I think would be purely fun and amusing — nicknames! How many people do you know  just by their nickname and have no clue what their real name is?

Without going into Shakespeare’s soliloquy about what is in a name, nicknames carry not just a sense of affection but a personal history that I find so much more revealing than just a conventional name.

Since Greg Woods’ hazing and initiation, mostly by me, into our newsroom we have developed nicknames for each other based off of our hair. I am ‘Mop’ and he is affectionatley called ‘Flat Top’. I will refrain from any references to his sharp gray bristled wit. We gave our publisher Jonna Spelbring Priester one as well. Her’s speaks more of history to time and place.

During a game of disc golf post deadline, a healthy dose of rib jabbing had ensued. Woods was in the middle of shaming our scores properly when it came time for Priester to throw at the hole. Her release seemed more confident than the entire game. It soared with more power and gusto than any attempt she had made prior, and then like many great unsung moments in sports, her disc swiftly permeated the branches of a pine tree.

Disappointment and frustration could’ve ended the moment, but less than a second later, a blue jay evacuated the tree disheveled by the disc’s unintended interruption into its home.Woods fell to the groud laughing and I doubled over.  We appropriately named her Bird Killer, which was later shortened to Birdie; ironic since she made no better than Bogey the entire game.

I want readers to send us contact information for people they know with great nicknames and the stories behind them. We will pick the most interesting ones and I will find out their full story. Byron Crawford once told me about a guy he knew named Grizzly Mud. I know there are some Henry Countians with some equally impressive nick names.

Snd your best nicknames via email at news@hclocal.com or by phone at 845- 2858 and I thank you for your help.