Where can you find real treasures?

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By The Staff

Submitted by Pat Wallace

Executive Director,

Henry County Chamber of Commerce

Treasures' Flea Market at 5245-5247 South Main Street (formerly Shoppers Mart) in Eminence is not your typical business. Yes, it is a flea market meaning it has many and various items for sale, both new and lightly used, but it goes much deeper than just a flea market.

"This is not a typical business," owner Charles Gentry said. "When you rent a space or buy something here, you are helping your neighbors and possibly your own family." Gentry has invested tens of thousands more in the business than he has earned in more than a year of business, but he dreams of the day when his customers will help him make it a strong part of the Henry County community.

Flea markets are fun places to shop. One never knows what is around the corner, and Gentry feels that you not only help the vendors, but you also help your family by finding affordable items from people who care.

The number of vendors varies from month to month, but about twenty is average. Some of these have as many as five booths with items ranging from tools, toys, furniture, appliances to clothes and household items.

While he and his partner Keith Oglesby admit that this flea market may not be the biggest in the surrounding area, it has one big difference-it cares if you show up. "Many of our customers know us by name. We do layaways for those who just don't have the funds to get that item today, but they really don't want to miss that great deal!"

Items not easily found can be located by special order from e-bay or other internet sources. With 13,000 square feet, the store can cater to just about anything you need unless you just like paying up to four times the amount.

Gentry and Oglesby have a common goal. "Our goal for this store is to provide a Christian based business where people can find the best deals anywhere and possibly make some extra money too. Basically we are investing our time and energy to help others save or make money which will help their whole family."

The partners continued, "We strive to do everything in accordance to God's will and we care about you, your family and your finances. We can get just about anything for less if you are willing to be patient and leave a deposit."

Perhaps you are considering downsizing and have too much "stuff" to take to the new home or the garage or closets could use a good cleaning. Vendors can rent a table spot for as little as $10 a week or bring in your consignment items without any payment up front. "We can even sell it on e-bay for less than anyone else," Gentry explained.

The market has specials such as Two for Tuesday on books (two for the price of one), and often run specials on computers, clothing, and comic books. But the main special offered everyday is "tell us what you need or want, the price you want to pay, and we will do our best to help you get it." Mark Watson and Michelle Thompson will also be happy to help the customer find that certain something.

Gentry and Oglesby summed up their business philosophy in this way, "People seem to be shopping at the 'BIG' stores and ignoring the 'little' guys, but the big stores seem to care less, so why should we care about them? We are doing our best to bring loyalty back to Eminence (and surrounding areas) by doing it the hard way ' earning it.'"

Please do yourself a favor and visit the Treasures' Flea Market Monday through Saturday from 9-5 (Closed on Sunday). Call them at 845-2287 to get information on how to be a vendor or to get that hard to find item. Their web site is http://home.insightbb.com/