Where is discussion on allowing alcohol beverages throughout county?

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In recent days my wife and I signed the petition to bring a vote to the people of this County on whether they would like to offer the alcoholic beverages in establishments such as restaurants. It was to my surprise that the petition in a local business was the first I had heard or seen the issue.

Where is the discussion? Where is the debate? Where are the opinions? I would think the people of this community would welcome the opportunity to provide its leaders with direction by allowing such a vote, for or against.

I have not decided whether or not this is something that would be good or bad for Henry County. There is much to consider. Will it create economic development and job creation? Would such a thing attract jobs and business?

One thing for sure, if we do not bring something like this to the forefront for discussion it will never be decided on or determined. We need to have this debate. We need, as a people, to provide guidance to our civic leaders. We need to start determining the direction of our economic development and stop leaving it up to only the politicians. This topic needs to be discussed and brought to a vote so a decision can be made one way or the other.

I hope you will join me in signing this petition to bring the issue to a vote. It will provide us with the opportunity to decide if this is the direction we want to go in or not.

Richard Baker Jr.

Editor’s note: Mr. Baker’s letter is not in relation to the local option vote being held in the Northeast New Castle precinct on June 20.