Where the sidewalk... ... crumbles?

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Pleasureville gets $72k to repair Main Street sidewalks; Campbellsburg to get $26k

By Jonna Spelbring Priester

General Manager

In some places along Main Street in Pleasureville, grass grows up between sidewalk panels. In other places, the sidewalk is sunken, or cracked and falling away.

City officials aren’t sure just how old the sidewalks are, but Mayor Rodney Young estimates some portions date back to the 1950s and 1960s.

Some sections of the sidewalks are newer, having been replaced when the city installed sewers in 1994. And at one time, the city offered a sort of beautification program, where property owners could split the costs of building sidewalks on their property 50-50 with the city.

City Clerk Verna Stivers said the sidewalks are in “awful” condition. “They’re broken, and I’m sure there’s tree roots that have kind of pushed them up out of the ground some too and caused them to break.”

But thanks to a grant recently awarded to the city, those problems will be fixed.

The $75,000 Transportation Enhancement grant was awarded by the state and part of a $51.9 million pack of grants announced Aug. 12. Campbellsburg was awarded about $26,000 to replace sidewalks near Campbellsburg Elementary School.

Young and Stivers said they are delighted the city will receive this grant.

“It is a good thing simply because it ... will give the residents a safer place to walk,” Stivers said, adding that some runners and walkers veer onto main street because sidewalks are either non-existent or in such poor shape.

“It (will) kind of give Pleasureville a face lift, and we so badly need it,” she said.

Henry County Judge Executive John Logan Brent said the grant isn’t a new thing for the county’s cities. He said Eminence received a sidewalk grant last year, and Campbellsburg has been working on getting a grant for “two of three funding sessions.”

The Pleasureville sidewalk project, he added, was badly needed.

“It’s probably the worst set of sidewalks in the county,” he said. “I thought it was probably one of the most worthy sidewalk projects in the state.”

Greg Derrosset and Diana Berry worked on the grant, and then officials started making phone calls on the city’s behalf.

Representative Rick Rand, KIPDA director Jack Crouch, and former Transportation Cabinet Secretary Joe Prather worked on getting approval for the grant.

Pleasureville will have to provide $20,000 for the project, bringing the total for the sidewalks to around $100,000.


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