Who else should be in your paper?

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By Brad Bowman

I have an affection for Henry County and most know it.

Growing up here and having family here, I have enjoyed the trust and confidence from many in the county that an outsider may not immediately get.

As a news reporter, I have enjoyed the new and old relationships I continue developing during my time here as news editor. An outsider, I assume, would have an easier time reporting on the more difficult stories and situations I have written about in the county as they wouldn’t have any personal connection or history to the people and places involved, but I do.

The connection inspires me to write about the history and legacy the county should be proud of, as well as the people I have featured in my Take 5 shorts. Everyone has a story to tell and I am driven by the personal connection to tell it.

Likewise, I attempt to make it to as many events as possible in the county, for I know the importance of the events to our readers and residents.

As news editor, and during our current staff shortages, I ask for your cooperation in helping maintain the level of coverage I want to have in our county.

Henry County Local Publisher and Oldham Era Publisher Melissa Blankenship, also a Henry County native, has selflessly helped me to make that happen. In her spare time, which she humbly won’t admit she has very little of, will help me cover school board meetings and events as we can. I invite you to do the same.

I don’t expect anyone to write up stories, but I ask if you have an event please feel free to send us pictures. If we didn’t make it to your event, it’s not because it wasn’t important to us.

I overall want to see your faces, your children’s faces and your pictures in the paper. I believe this paper is Henry County’s paper and it should represent Henry County. It should have, as room permits, photos of your vacations, barbecues, organizations, snow pictures and any other pictures you feel worth sharing. All we need are captions, who to credit and we can do the rest.

Please feel free to email me any submissions at editor@hclocal.