Who would steal from a child?

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By The Staff

In November 2009, our son, Noah, age 10, was diagnosed with a horrific type of childhood cancer. A tumor the size of a small cantaloupe was removed from his chest. Two weeks later he began a course of chemotherapy; every two weeks he checked into Kosair Children’s Hospital for five days for one treatment and then three days two weeks later. This schedule continued for six cycles. He then had one and one-half ribs removed and biopsied. We held our breaths until the pathology report came in-he was cancer free! He returned home to ready himself for yet another eight cycles of chemotherapy and the beginning of radiation therapy.

Friday, March 12, we went out for dinner for the first time as a family since Noah’s diagnosis. When we returned to our home in Henry County, we discovered that someone had broken into the house and stolen all of Noah’s medications. The criminal(s) also took his PS3 along with 20+ games, most of which were given to him by family and friends after his diagnosis. He was devastated. We were angry and his sister was scared to death.

What kind of person steals from a child? His medications included pain medications-after all, he just lost his ribs, medicine to keep the nausea at bay, antibiotics and anti-virals to keep him comfortable. The PS3 is how he keeps himself entertained when he is at the hospital or at home-he cannot attend school because the chemo which is killing the cancer is also weakening his immune system.

The criminals who took Noah’s “stuff” need to be punished. If you know anything about this deed, please call the Kentucky State Police or the Henry County Sheriff. Believe me, they will get much better treatment from the authorities than they will from Noah’s parents, grandparents or friends.

The Mancuso Family