Yeary: Vote Hawkins for Circuit Court Clerk

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One of the major issues least talked about in the Henry County Circuit Court Clerk’s race is our courthouse.

The Administrative Office of the Courts has declared that the Henry County courthouse is one of two in the state most in need of replacement. Our courthouse is also one of the oldest and most beautiful, built in 1877, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The AOC has the authority to just step in and buy land and build as they see fit. But the preferred way is to form a  project committee composed of local elected officials including the circuit clerk, judges, attorneys, and a private citizen as well as someone from the AOC.

It will be extremely important that we have strong, experienced leadership in the circuit clerk’s office during the period of several years. It will require running the office, all while taking a very active leadership role in the $10 to $15 million construction project. Nick Hawkins has proven time and time again that he’s not only capable of the job, but welcomes the challenge.

Nick has already taken a leadership role in this by being the Henry County Fiscal Court facility chairman. In this position, he’s already familiar with the rental agreements and contracts between the AOC and the courthouse and has chaired meetings with all the parties involved.

Nick has repeatedly stated that he’s in favor of a combination of remodeling and an addition instead of a completely new structure at a different location. I believe that with Nick’s strong determination and leadership, we can have a courthouse that we will be proud of and that will last another 135 years.

For all of these reasons, I strongly support Nick Hawkins for the office of Henry County Circuit Court Clerk.

Dennis Yeary
New Castle