You’re probably from Henry County if...

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

Do you remember the days when cruising was a weekly event?
Or the days of the Eminence v. Henry County football games?
Or how about B&D Video or Lola’s Restaurant in Eminence?
Or, better yet, do you remember the days of Big Henry?
If so, you’re probably from Henry County.
It’s the latest Facebook rage — community pages where folks share their favorite memories from the communities they grew up in. The memories are touching, funny, sad and some a smidge risque.
Two groups with the same name have started for Henry County in the last week, and in the time since then, there’ve been so many posts, and responses to posts, we can’t quite keep up.
Each week, we plan on sharing a few of them, with permission of course, with our readers in the newspaper pages. For instance...
• Diana Purvis Clark posted that you might be from Henry County “if you rode around Big Henry and went to the Hwy. 55 drive in.”
• Chasidee Embry-George wrote “You’re probably from Henry County if you remember how long it took to get from one end of town to the next on Friday and Saturday night before the dreaded stoplight was put up.”
• Stephanie Gray wrote that you might be from Henry County if “You played pinball at the White Cottage and (were) scared of that big old bird they kept there.”
• Charlie Sevier said you might from Henry County if “Cecil Peyton cut your hair in Eminence.”
• And perhaps my favorite, so far, came from Elizabeth Heduecker, who wrote about being taught by “The Teaching Dynasty,” including Lawrence and Carolyn Jeffries. But I’ll let you dig that one up to read the amusement.
• Of course, no list of memories of Henry County would be complete without Charolette Smith Waford’s memory... “if you loved the burgers at the Pool Hall in Pleasurevulle with all those onions piled on top.”
We know there are more memories out there. So c’mon over to “You probably from Henry County ff...” on Facebook and share your memories!