Your Well Being to offer open house this weekend

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By Cindy DiFazio

Staff writer/photographer

Pain at the pump and grocery store causing a pain in your neck? Need a massage or just a quiet bit of meditation time? Trying to cut-back on spending?

Julie Brent, a licensed therapeutic massage therapist and Hatha Yoga instructor, of Your Well Being in Campbellsburg wants to ease both your physical and fiscal pains.

Brent offers therapeutic massage, Reiki, reflexology, ionic foot spa treatments and other services for the amount of her clients’ insurance co-pay.

“I want to help people get through these stressful times,” she said.

Brent will host an open house this weekend to showcase some of Your Well Being’s services.

She will offer mini-sessions in yoga and relaxation breathing, and demonstrate a wellness practice called Quantum Touch.

“The idea is to have people come by, get literature and see what we can do,” Brent said.

She also offers a free consultation to tailor services to individuals. “We can find a niche for everyone,” Brent said.

Walk-in hours will start soon on Mondays and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Her Campbellsburg studio, located in the lower level of the professional building at 8910 Main Street is spacious and welcoming.

Some of the walls in the front room feature Brent’s naturecentric photo art. Two ionic foot baths placed in front of comfortable chairs await tired and “toxic” feet.

According to the literature provided by Brent, ionic foot spas use brass and stainless steel electrodes and warm water to “cleanse, balance and enhance bio-energies.” They work on the premise that feet are conduits through which the body attempts to cleanse itself of toxic wastes and heavy metals.

The half hour spent with feet swishing in a warm-water sea-salt soak may be reason enough to give this a try.

The front room doubles as a classroom. Class schedules revolve and are interest-based. Some offerings are Hatha Yoga and healing modalities such as Reiki and Quantum Touch.

Brent said Quantum Touch is a discipline that uses breathing and body awareness techniques for wellness. “My primary belief is that the body knows how to heal itself,” she said. Brent used an example. “If you cut yourself, you believe the cut will heal,” she said. “We have lost the faith that if we support the body in its own intelligence, it can heal itself.”

Brent said she teaches students to utilize Quantum Touch for themselves and others in one weekend training session. “It’s like having a new thing in your emergency first-aid kit,” she said.

When teaching Hatha Yoga classes the furniture is moved out of the front room creating space for students’ stretching limbs. “Breathing, stretching and relaxation can become an integral part of your life,” Brent said in a brochure.

She also offers therapeutic and well as hot stone massage. The massage room is enhanced by Brent’s hand-painted bamboo mural. A thickly-cushioned massage table and ambient lighting combine to promote maximum relaxation.

Brent’s brochure states that deep relaxation and healing are often the result of regular therapeutic massage treatment. It goes on to state that poor sleep, headaches and anxiety may be reduced with improved circulation from massage therapy.

Brent said this is just a sampling of the wide array of the holistic approach to wellness choices she offers. For more information visit her website at moonsunearth.com or call 502-727-4931.

Your Well Being is located at 8910 Main Street, lower level, Campbellsburg. Open house is Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 and 26 from 3 to 5 p.m.

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