Farm and Family

  • Everyone is welcome with homemakers

    The 93rd Annual Area Homemaker Meeting will be held on Oct. 11 in Bullitt County with morning refreshments to begin at 9:30 a.m.  
    The program will be presented by Steve Coomes, an award winning food, spirits and travel writer and the topic will be “Feast of Kentucky-Country Ham.”  
    Lunch will be catered by Linda Aldridge and the All the Way Shoppe.  The cost of the meeting is $15 and your checks made payable to the Henry County Homemakers must be turned in by Sept. 22.  

  • 4-H members learn by launching rockets

    By Cathy Toole

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Keeping the garden and the orchard clean

    By Levi Berg

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Ways to pep up a child’s school lunch

    A new school year is upon us.
    One of the most challenging daily tasks that goes with back to school is finding something interesting, healthy and tasty for your child to eat if they take their lunch instead of participating in a school lunch program.
    Here are some tips to simplify the process.
    Planning is essential to the success of packing a healthy lunch.
    It allows you to prepare well-balanced meals and reduces the amount of rushing to find something to take in the morning.

  • Henry County youth attend ‘Game On!’ summer camp

    By Cathy Toole

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Nearly time to sow cool season grasses

    By Levi Berg

    Henry County Extension Service

  • Put some thought into reaching retirement goals

    We hear a lot of financial advice about planning for retirement but receive less advice about what to do with our money once retirement sets in.
    If you are retired or will be soon, here are some tips from our UK Management Specialists to make your money go further.
    Create a budget — Knowing how much money you have coming in and going out sounds so simplistic, but it is so important.
    Think about all your income sources. For many people this includes Social Security benefits, employer sponsored benefit plans and personal investments.

  • Plan to attend Henry County Harvest Showcase this Saturday

    Bring the whole family to this event that is free and open to the public at the Henry County Fairgrounds!
    It is great place to bring the kids and grandkids and best of all there is no admission charge.
    The whole event serves to showcase our wonderful agricultural heritage.
    Be sure to come hungry! The Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of country ham and fresh farm eggs starts at 7:30 a.m. and runs until it is gone.
    A full locally-raised breakfast is available for only $8 and includes eggs and country ham, biscuits, gravy and a beverage.

  • Accomplishments celebrated during awards night

    By Cathy Toole Henry County Extension Service

    This week I need to back up and share the 4-H Family Fun Night event that was held June 10. The gathering was held at the office picnic shelter and included a meal of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad and baked beans.

    Special thanks to Larry Bryant and Levi Berg for manning the grill and Kelly Dockter for making the side dishes. Families in attendance provided the desserts and they were delicious.

  • Your tobacco may need treatment for target spot and frogeye

    By Levi Berg
    Henry County Extension Service

    The wet, humid weather has not been easy for many tobacco crops. Many crops have been starting to show considerable damage due to target spot and frogeye. Both of these diseases are caused by true fungi unlike water molds such as black shank and blue mold. In many cases, foliar fungicide applications may be necessary for effective management.