Local News

  • Director to seek more involvement in Chamber

    Paul Cole’s tenure as director of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce will be all about encouraging involvement.
    After living in his adopted community of New Castle for two years, he saw the opportunity to give back and to become more involved himself.
    When he follows retiring Pat Wallace beginning July 1, Cole hopes to attract more members and get more people involved in the organization.
    Born in New Marion, Ind., Cole had already been acquainted with this area when he and his wife bought a home in Henry County in 2012.

  • Wreck kills Pendleton man

    John Hoffman, 73 of Pendleton, was killed in a car accident at the 35-mile marker on I-71 North Sunday afternoon.
    According to KSP, the vehicle was towing a boat on a trailer when the trailer began swaying. The driver, Mark Baldwin, 52 of La Grange, lost control of the vehicle and it overturned in the median.
    Hoffman, a passenger in the car, was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle, KSP said. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Henry County Coroner Jimmy Pollard.

  • Two Hearts

    My Baby, My Baby, a book about two children born with heart defects, is a story of love, faith and family the authors hope may bring healing to others.
    Written by mother and daughter Alma Bramblett Allen and Jennifer Bramblett Sturgeon, the book recounts the impact on the family of their time with Allen’s son Michael, born with Down’s Syndrome, and later, Sturgeon’s daughter Keylee, born with a heart defect that required almost immediate intervention by doctors.

  • Local voters choose Bevin in primary

    While the leading Republican candidate for governor had a close statewide race in the May 19 Primary Election, Matt Bevin enjoyed a large margin over his opponents in Henry County.
    In fact, Henry County voters cast a total of 273 ballots for Bevin, giving him 72 more votes than his closest opponent, Hal Heiner.
    Across Kentucky, Bevin carved out the narrowest of victories with only 83 votes over the next most popular candidate, James R. Comer, the current commissioner of agriculture, out of a total of 214,187 ballots cast among all four Republicans in the race.

  • Constable blue light request denied

    Citing the safety of constables and potential liability issues for Henry County, magistrates turned down a request to allow constables to equip their vehicles with blue lights.
    Constable Roland Duke first brought the idea to fiscal court in April, saying he especially wanted to rein in a rash of speeding drivers in his neighborhood.

  • Breathing problems — more than just snoring

    Does your child snore at night?  Does your child have pauses in breathing, toss and turn in bed, or often breathe through the mouth during sleep?  
    Does your little one wake up other members of the household at night because of sleep problems?  
    All of these, especially snoring, can be signs of breathing problems during sleep known as obstructive sleep apnea.  Between 1 to 4 percent of all children have problems with breathing during sleep.  Pediatric sleep apnea is most common between the ages of 2 and 8.  

  • Bella's Blessings

    When second-grader Bella Coffee arrived at school Friday, she had beautiful, shoulder-length brown hair. By the end of the day, she was bald. And she wasn’t the only one.
    Bella was one of 18 Eminence students who chose to either shave their heads or cut their hair to donate as part of a fundraising program called Clips for Kids, which benefits Kosair Children’s Hospital and families fighting pediatric cancer.
    Bella, a Kosair Kid and cancer survivor, decided to shave her head to show support for other kids with cancer, an idea her parents supported.

  • Dispute holds up fines

    Although Steve Edward McFarland came prepared to pay his final court costs, fees and restitution, disputes about how much he actually owes kept the cash in his pocket.
    In February, McFarland pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree trafficking in a controlled substance, methadone, one count of second degree trafficking in a controlled substance, Buprenorphine and one count possession of a defaced firearm.

  • Port Royal Day
  • Singers Entertain Providence, Twin Oaks residents

    Both Providence and Twin Oaks in New Castle recently hosted singers for the entertainment of residents. At Providence, sponsored by Second Wind Dreams, Dick Wood sings in the style of Frank Sinatra and entertains at nursing homes on Thursdays. One man band Don Stegemiller of Rising Sun, Ind., performed at Twin Oaks.