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  • C'Burg church holds 1st event in new building

    Staff Writer and Photographer

    For the members of the Cambpellsburg United Methodist Church patience over the last year and a half has been a virtue.

    On the afternoon of April 19, 2006, the entire town shook from a blast that leveled the church, reducing it to nothing but shattered stained glass windows and a pile of rubble. An underground gas line was inadvertently cut by utility workers using a back hoe. Fumes leaked into the sewer line which lead to the church and were then ignited by an unknown source creating the powerful explosion. No one was injured in the blast.

  • Girl Scout Troop participates in fun activities

    In October Girl Scout Troop #61 participated in a community service project at Eastern Elementary, the school the girls attend, and visited "Artist in You" where they experimented with various arts and crafts. At Eastern Elementary, the girls planted flowers in the front school yard. Pictured participating in this project are bottom row left to right: MaRay Baker, Donna Curtsinger, ALlison MaGruder, top left to right is Alexis Akers, Samantha Gonzalez, Lauren Griffith and Hallie Potts.

  • Santa Letters - Carson Mings

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a good boy this year and I hope you come to visit me. I would like for you to bring me Capt. Jack Sparrow's big Black Pearl ship, and some new Pirates of the Caribbean action figures. I would also like to have the "Shrek the Third", "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End", and "Under Dog" DVDs. Please bring Kelsey and Bubby some presents, too. I will leave some cookies and milk for you, and some food for your reindeer.


    Carson Mings

  • Santa Letters - Julie Powell's Kindergarten class

    Ms. Powell's Kindergarten class, New Castle Elementary 2007

    Dear Santa,

    How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are your reindeer doing, are they excited about Christmas? I helped my mom, really helped her one time clean the house, I bet you were watching me! I would like a ladybug nightgown and I would like MAKE UP, I really like make-up! I would like a dress-up head where you can put on makeup and dress her hair up. Bye, Bye Santa,


    Isabella Dale

  • Bethlehem Nativity is set for 49th year

    General Manager

    For the 49th consecutive year, the small town of Bethlehem will play host to a live nativity scene.

    From 6:30 to 9 p.m., Saturday through Christmas Day, residents from throughout the area will gather to either take part in what has become an annual tradition. Organizer Kevin Croxton said the event began in 1959.

    "It got started years ago when the churches got together to do a project because of the name of the town, he said.

  • Council discusses plans for left over funds

    General Manager

    The City of Campbellsburg once again finds itself faced with the question of just how to spend money left over from its sewer project.

    According to Tetra Tech engineer Ren Willingham, the city will have approximately $700,000 left over from the forced main sewer project that linked Campbellsburg with Carrollton Utilities.

  • Santa Letters - Megan Sue Clifford

    Dear Santa,

    How are all the elves doing? It must be hard on them since it's this time of year. Can you take a little breck and read my letter?

  • CEO students helping to weatherize homes

    General Manager

    During the coldest months, Eminence resident Ruth Staples sometimes resorts to sporting her bathrobe to stay warm. When it's really cold, she said, the bathroom of her small Eminence home is the warmest spot in the house.

    As thumps emanated from underneath her house, Ruth Staples, of Eminence, said she couldn't be more blessed. Students from the Center for Educational Options were weatherizing her home, and just in time for the hard winter months. Students working the home's crawlspace were securing fallen insulation back into place.

  • Buddy's Barbershop

    General Manager

    Marion Earl "Buddy" Mobley sat quietly in the easy chair of his shop, flipping through pages of a newspaper.

    A customer, who had left minutes before walked through the door again, this time to pay Mobley for his haircut.

    "I've been in the barbering business 55 years and never been beat out of a haircut yet, Mobley said.

    Later, a young man walked in, and asked Mobley if he knew how to do a fade.

    "Yeah, I know how to do that, he responds.

  • Decking the walls

    General Manager

    The library of New Castle Elementary School was mostly quiet, except for the sound of a brush dab-dab-dabbing at the walls. It was the sound of growth.

    In just a few hours, a large tree grew from floor to ceiling, with branches spread out over the tops of some of the library’s bookshelves.

    Among those branches was a treehouse some of the school’s older students recognized as the Magic Treehouse. Its creator, Pam Morrison, painted the tree in a little less than a day.