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  • Kentucky chooses Bevin

    When the polls closed in Henry County and 35 percent of all the county’s registered voters had cast their ballots, several of the state offices had been decided by a margin of less than five percent at a local level.

    However in two of the races, Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture, Henry Countians backed the Republican candidates by margins of 10 and 20 percent, respectively.

  • Henry County Goes to the Polls

    Henry County voters hit the polls Tuesday morning to vote for several state offices. Results of Tuesday’s voting will be available after the polls close Tuesday online at www.hclocal.com and on our Facebook page. Full results will be reported in next week’s Local.


  • News Briefs, October 28, 2015

    Road clean up Nov. 7

    Henry County’s annual fall road clean up will be held Saturday, Nov. 7, beginning at 8 a.m. Please drive carefully on this weekend as many people from non-profit organizations will be cleaning 200 miles of county roads. Funds for the road clean up are provided by the Litter Abatement Grant. Any questions should be directed to the county judge-executive’s office at 845-5707.

    Road work rescheduled

  • Bark in the Park benefits Relay For life

    The weather turned breezy, cool and rainy just in time for Bark in the Park, the Relay for Life event held Oct. 24 at the Henry County Recreation and Services Park, to recognize the companion animals that provide both friendship and positive health impacts for their families.



  • What is testosterone and why does it decline?

    By Drane Stephens, Eminence Apothecary

    Testosterone is the male hormone.  

    It is what makes a man a man.  It builds a man’s muscles, deepens his voice, drives his sex drive and keeps his bones strong. 

    Often men feel excessively fatigued, weak, depressed and have lost their sex drive.  For years, these symptoms have often been misdiagnosed as diabetes, depression or just a part of aging.  

  • Durbin honored for service to community

    At the annual meeting of the Henry County Baptist Association (HCBA) on Oct. 17, Joe Durbin, the director of the Henry County Help Center, received a plaque honoring him for his “Exemplary Christian Service to Henry County,” according to a news release.  The annual meeting was held at Turners Station Baptist Church with regular business being conducted.  

  • A trail of treats


    18 pt
    18 pt

  • Amish market opens near Defoe

    After looking for other ways to make money on the farm, the Raber family opened an Amish market at 10712 Castle Highway, not far from Defoe. 

    With 100 acres, they had plenty of room to put up a new building and open the Farmstead Market, Roman Raber said. 

    “We used to be in the woodworking industry, so this is a brand new adventure for us,” he said. 

  • Documentary focuses on Wendell Berry's lifework

    What does Henry County sound like to a Los Angeles composer scoring the latest documentary, “The Seer,” which features work of author, activist and agrarian Wendell Berry?

    “Quiet strength, quiet pride,” answered Kerry Muzzey, who worked with Director Laura Dunn to come up with understated music to match the intimate stories about the struggles faced by farmers also featured in the documentary.

  • Help Center celebrates two years

    The Henry County Help Center recently observed its second anniversary by collecting and giving out food to keep families from going hungry.

    With support from the community, the help center feeds an average of 1,400 to 1,500 people per month from its headquarters in the old United Methodist Church in Eminence and from its eight satellite locations.