Public Records

  • Public Record for the week of September 25


    Crystal Payton, 38, Eminence to Earl Woosley, 33, Eminence.

    Sallie Hodge, 29, Pleasureville to James Edrington, 27, Pleasureville.

    Billie Bramble, 43, Smithfield to William Huff, 41, Smithfield.

    Carrie Satterly, 28, Pleasureville to Essten Ehalt, 35, Pleasureville.

    Tina Spears, 30, New Castle to William Wentworth, 32, New Castle.

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of September 18


    Elizabeth Ann McGuire, 40, Eminence, to John Thomas Davis, 39, Eminence.

    Megan Nicole Blair, 30, La Grange, to Jeremy Paul Lyons, 29, Pleasureville.

    Megan Michelle Colston, 23, New Castle, to Gage Allen Bohannon, 22, Eminence.

    Property Transfers

    Kathy Ann Wright, Pewee Valley, to David Paul and Kristy Jo Meullins, Smithfield. Lot No. 27 of Bart Smith Property, Section No. 2; $185,000.

  • Public Record for the week of September 11


    Lindaelee Tingle, 18, Eminence, to Bailey Miller, 18, Eminence.

    Crystol Poe, 37, Eminence, to Kevin Hinkle, 36, Eminence.

    Jenny Duncan, 39, Crestwood, to Garrett Gambrel, 34, Crestwood.

    Helen Mathis, 48, Turners Station, to Bradley Fisher, 48, Turners Station.


    Charles Smith,54, New Castle, Mary Berry, 54, New Castle.

    Joshua Rucker,27, Campbellsburg, Ashley Webster,25, Campbellsburg.

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of September 4

    KSP Arrests
    Gary W. Wells, 65, of New Castle was arrested on La Grange Road in New Castle on 8/26 by Trooper Whalen and charged with DUI 2nd; careless driving; no registration plate; and failure to produce insurance card.
    Thomas A. James, 42, of Smithfield was arrested at Jericho and Mt. Olivet Roads in Smithfield by Trooper Brewer on 8/28 and charged with DUI 1st, aggravated; possession of marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia; careless driving; rear license not illuminated; and failure to dim headlights.

  • Public Record for the week of August 28


    Audrey Way, 57, Pleasureville, to Lyle W. Baker, 59, Bagdad.


    Eric Vaughn Doll, 47, Carrollton, and Laurie Lynn Williams, 38, Campbellsburg.

    Garrett Doyle Gambrel, 32, Smithfield, and Michelle Denise Way, 44, Eminence.

    Aaron Michael Simpson, 28, Eminence, and Whitney Morgan Durrett Simpson, 26, Eminence.

  • Public Records-August 21, 2013


    Kayla Rae Woodcox, 24, Eminence to Bradford Damarr Wright, 24, Eminence.


    Richard Shane King, 37, Pleasureville, Erica Leah Bowen, 33, Pleasureville.

    Richard Wayne Clemons, 46, New Castle, Bonnie Dale Payton, 52, Pleasureville.

    Paul Edward Bachmann,48, Pleasureville, Veronia Michelle Bachmann, 40, Pleasureville.

    Property Transfers

  • Public Record for the week of August 7


    Crystal Henderson,33, Pleasureville, to Roy Snow, 30, Pleasureville.

    Ashley Henson,19, Pendleton, to Kevin Downey, 35, Pendleton.

    Terri Noble, 41, Pleasureville, to Gayle Bramblett, 53, Pleasureville.

    Terri Gilbert, 42, La Grange, to Steven McGuigan,59,Campbellsburg.


    Adam Williams, 22, Latonia, and Samantha Congleton,19, Eminence.

  • Public Record for the week of July 31


    Jessica Nicole Mayse, 29, Campbellsburg, to Bradley Scott Lyons, 29, Campbellsburg.

    Priscilla Jean Miller, 33, Pleasureville, to Alvaro Ramirez Nava, 35, Pleasureville.

    Property Transfers

    Eminence Speaker Corporation Inc., by and through Robert A. Gault, president, to Steel Technologies, Eminence. Tract No. 2 of Walnut Ridge Road; $1.

  • Public Record for the week of July 24


    Angela McGuire,32, Campbellsburg, to David Powell, 38, Campbellsburg.

    Keli Hawkins, 23, Louisville, to Daniel Meadows, 23 Eminence.

    Ashley Pait, 24, Smithfield, to Matthew Mings, 25, Smithfield.

    Rebecca Skaggs, 22, Eminence, to Kenneth Jeffries, 21, Eminence.

    Jennifer Crawford, 31, Smithfield, to Joshua Jones, 32, Smithfield.

  • Public Record for the week of July 17


    Jennifer Gregory, 22, Eminence to Matthew Anderson, 23 Eminence.

    Property Transfers

    Maria Christina Tipton as executrix of the estate of Dorothy Yager James, deceased, Shelbyville, to Maria Christina Tipton, Shelbyville. Four tracts of land in Henry County; Fair market values total $543,500.

    GP Enterprises LLC, Louisville, to Sallie R. Hodge, Pleasureville. Tract No. 1 and house, in Hall Farm Division; $95,000.