Public Records

  • Public records for the week of June 29, 2011

    Rachel Nicole Scheer, 30, Pleasureville, to Mark Anthony Scheer, 46, Pleasureville.
    Jennifer Lynn Nolin, 30, Pleasureville, to Charles Emanuell Turner Jr., 31, Eminence.
    William C. Estes, 55, Mt. Eden, and Joyce C. Hodge, 52, Manning, S.C.
    Kevin W. Kinser, 37, Shelbyville, and Melissa Gene Jackson, 40, Smithfield.
    Kevin Charles Burk, 54, Campbellsburg, and Terry Elizabeth Breen, 49, Campbellsburg.

  • Public records for the week of June 22, 2011

    Ashley Nicole Johnson, 18, Eminence, to Matthew Gaines Wilson, 18, Pleasureville.
    Annie Mae House, 76, Eminence, to Richard Darrell James, 77, Frankfort.
    Karen Colette Gootee, 42, Eminence, to Curtis Ray Tindle, 40, Eminence.

    Thomas William Myers, 37, Pendleton, and Heather Rebecca Marsh, 34, Pendleton.

  • Public records for the week of June 15, 2011

    Tracie Lynn Lambert, 34, Eminence, to Justin Wayne Mertz, 27, Eminence.
    Amy Michelle Lyons, 30, Pleasureville, to Christopher Glenn Bohannon, 28, Pleasureville.
    Brittany Victoria Durrett, 23, Campbellsburg, to James Allen Lewellyn Jr., 23, Campbellsburg.
    Tiffany Lynn Rucker, 23, Pleasureville; to Shane Charles Harris, 25, Shelbyville.
    Candy Lee Congleton, 31, Pendleton, to John Joseph Drury II, 43, Pendleton.

  • Public records for the week of June 8, 2011

    Zoning permits
    Greg Black, 876 Eminence Road, New Castle, 5/2, storage building, fee $26, value $1,800.
    Troy Popp/Jill Stamper, 1521 Watkins Lane, Pleasureville, 5/2, garage, fee $86, value $6,700.
    Jon Smith/Blitz Building, 3319 Lake Jericho Road, Smithfield, 5/5, Indoor batting cage, $576, value $41,050.
    Scott George/Randy Troutman, 575 Wolf Pen Branch Road, 5/9, 2 story room addition, fee $98, value $70,000.

  • Public records for the week of June 1, 2011

    Angela Lea Adcock, Pleasureville, to Carl Thomas Hedges, 49, Pleasureville.
    Ashley Marie Lucas, Turners Station, to Christopher Allen White, 29, Turners Station.
    Amber Ann Zabala, 26, Eminence, to Christopher L. Blust, 25, Eminence.

  • Public records for the week of May 25, 2011

    September Dawn Tingle, 39, Campbellsburg, to Larry Wayne Tiller Jr., 37, Campbellsburg.
    Daisy Lynn Harris, 29, Eminence, to Robert Allen Cox, 37, Eminence.
    Heather Nicole Kimberlin, 19, Eminence, to Nathan Wayne Hazelwood, 20, Eminence.
    Property Transfers
    Carol L. Neely, Campbellsburg, to John Neely, Campbellsburg. Property in Henry County; Love and affection and $1, fair market value is $1.

  • Public records for the week of May 11, 2018

    Sheriff’s Dept arrests
    Thomas L. Velten, speeding 16 over, DUI 1st; arrested by Keith Perry on 5/5.
    David Baumia, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/9.
    Connie Smith, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/9.
    Charles Hinkle III, flagrant nonsupport, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/10.
    Carl Schmickle III, FTA, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/11.
    Robert Newberry, receiving stolen property under $10,000; PFO, arrested by Rick Nelson on 5/12.

  • Public records for the week of May 11, 2011

    Johnny Joshua Williams, 31, Simpsonville, and Ashley Leigh Wiseheart, 25, Pleasureville.
    Eric James Gaddis, 38, Campbellsburg, and Mattie Marie Eldridge, 33, Owenton.
    Phillip D. Zabala II, 28, Crab Orchard, and Amber Ann Frith, 26, Eminence.
    Jesse Bryant Quire, 45, Turners Station, and Suzanne Michele Quire, 43, Bethlehem.
    Zoning permits
    Lydia Broughton, 16 Woodstock Ct. Stonehurst, 4/1, house and deck, fee $132, value $3,000.

  • Public Records for the week of 05/04/11

    Property Transfers:
    Springleaf Home Equity Inc., La Grange, to Susann Miller Graham, Crestwood. Property in Henry County; $16,500.
    Sheriff’s Dept. Arrests
    Joshua R. Clark, felony nonsupport, arrested by Rick Nelson on 4/25.
    Michael J. Payton, 2 counts of failure to comply, arrested by Rick Nelson on 4/26.
    Jeremy S. Wheeler, bond violation, arrested by Tommy Benham on 4/27.

  • Public Records for the week of 04/27/11

    Bridget M. Edens, 20, La Grange, to Travis D. Preston, 19, La Grange.
    Larry L. Harp Jr., 20, Shelbyville, and Katie I. Wright, 42, Pleasureville.
    Donnie Allen Briscoe, 64, Pleasureville, and Rita L. Rucker, 57, Pleasureville.
    Property Transfers: