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  • Butcher in high demand

    Trackside Butcher Shoppe opened in the second week of deer season and processed 70 animals that hunters brought in, according to co-owner Chris Wright. Then, the nearly $1 million, 6,000-square-foot facility went straight into livestock processing.

  • Soldier, Teacher, Preacher

    Despite being born a slave in Shelby County, Elijah Marrs learned to read and write and left a record of his time as a Civil War soldier, an educator and a minister, with the ordination of the influential black leader occurring in New Castle.

  • Local road projects in Bevin’s plans

    Despite $1 billion less in state road funds to work with, Gov. Matt Bevin’s 2016-2022 Recommended Highway Plan contains millions in funding for transportation projects in Henry County.
    Bevin submitted his first six-year road plan to the General Assembly, promising to use the $6 billion in state and federal funds “to address the critical transportation needs” across Kentucky.

  • Game introduces EIS students to new worlds

    One afterschool activity at Eminence Independent Schools offers students the chance to build new worlds, block by block.
    To an outsider, it can be a perplexing place, where lush green forests suddenly give way to huge skyscrapers or colorful statues of Santa Claus or castles with labyrinths and secret passages.

  • Legislators at work
  • Fiscal won't expand Sunday alcohol sales

    Despite some initial discomfort treating restaurants and stores that sell alcohol differently on Sunday sales, Henry County Fiscal Court decided Jan. 19 not to extend local permission for “carryout” in a split vote.
    This differed from an attitude expressed at a special meeting Jan. 13, where the magistrates developed the outline on the alcohol sales ordinance. Getting the initial outline done at the special meeting allowed the magistrates to hold a first reading at their regular meeting.

  • Park hired to oversee constituent services

    After the election of Matt Bevin to the Kentucky governor’s office, an Eminence man also occupies a new office at the state capital.
    Known to many as the chairman of the Henry County Republican Party and the secretary for the GOP 4th District region, Jon Park recently became the executive director of constituent services, working for the new state administration. He now makes the 45-minute drive to work every day, but the commute east on Interstate 64 doesn’t bother him.

  • Approving budget is top priority for legislators

    The biggest responsibility the governor and the General Assembly have during legislative sessions in even-numbered years is enacting a budget to run state government.  It sets our priorities in a way no other law can.

    The budget process actually began months ago, when agencies compiled their projected needs while the state’s economists, known as the Consensus Forecasting Group, determined exactly how much the state could appropriate.

  • More gun laws can make a difference
  • Local Buzz, February 3, 2016

    Church Activities

    First Presbyterian Church is hosting a Bible study each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. using the old Andy of Mayberry T.V. show.  It is a lot of fun to watch the old shows and discuss a biblical topic brought out in the episode. For more, contact Terry Johnson at onepres@bellsouth.net or call 502-845-4132.