Today's News

  • The Burrows family prays for a miracle

    The Burrows family hopes for a miracle with father David’s esophageal cancer similar to the steady improvement they’ve seen with son Noah’s leukemia treatment.
    In case something happens to him, David made plans to keep his family as financially secure as he can while hoping for the best at the same time. He wants to see Noah through to the end of his chemotherapy regimen and daughter Jessica graduate from Murray State University soon and get married this fall.

  • Earns Google certification

    Bo McGehee, a junior at Henry County High School, has become the first student to be named a Google Level I Certified Educator. “Typically teachers get to show they know how to use Google apps for instruction in the classroom,” said HCPS Chief Information Officer Nikkol Bauer, but McGehee’s teachers encouraged him to pursue the certification. McGehee hopes to earn additional technology certifications during his senior year, then plans to attend college to pursue a degree in engineering.

  • Teeth need love too

    A “sweet tooth” brought some “floss-some” valentines and toothbrushes to
    Eminence Elementary students on Valentine’s Day for Dental Health Month, according to educators.

  • Eastern Elementary recognizes the students of the month
  • New Castle recognizes its safety patrol
  • EIS students unveil Eminence railroad station mural
  • Emergency education: Things to know before dialing 911 for help

    We all know to call 911 to report life-threatening emergencies, but knowing what to say to a dispatcher can help increase police, fire or EMT response time, which in some situations can save a life.
    When calling 911, try to stay calm and answer questions to the best of your ability. Answer loudly and answer clearly.
    Dispatchers are trained to ask certain questions to help them best assess a situation.
    Be sure to describe your location to the best of your ability with either a street address, intersection or landmarks to help emergency personnel locate you.

  • Safely reintroducing horses to spring pastures

    Spring is almost here, and guess what? That means cool season grasses are starting to explode with growth.
    The spring growth provides excellent forages for horses, but the quick change in diet can cause issues in your horses.
    Horses that have been fed hay all winter have adapted their gut microbes to break down more fibrous material, and the lush pastures are low in fiber compared with cured hay.

  • Five tips to help save your vision

    Eight out of 10 people living with vision loss worldwide could have saved their sight through prevention or treatment.
    Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Of course, seeing your doctor for eye exams and treatment is key.
    Here are a few other things you can do help ensure your eyes have a bright future:

    Wear sunglasses
    Sunglasses that block 100 percent of ultraviolet-A and ultraviolet-B rays give you a big bang for your buck. They can:
    • Delay development of cataracts.
    • Prevent retinal damage.

  • Circuit court clerk’s office earns recognition from Trust for Life

    The Henry County Circuit Court Clerk’s office earned “gold status” in the 2016 Legends Campaign by going the extra mile to support the lifesaving mission of organ donation, according to a news release.