Today's News

  • A new use for Cook’s? Probably not very soon

    So far, in terms of the Henry County Courthouse renovation and expansion, community members have expressed the most excitement about the court functions temporarily moving to Eminence.
    As planning continues on the best way to provide more space for courts and the related offices since 2014, the idea the district and circuit courts taking over the former Cook’s pharmacy and hardware store in Eminence has generated the strongest reactions.

  • Christmas light show is for two good causes

    Sam Capasso of Pendleton is dreaming of a bright Christmas, to paraphrase the famous holiday tune. As bright as the 30,000-light display he creates in his front yard.
    As the creative mind behind Hickory Hollow Lights, a computerized Christmas show on a quiet subdivision street, Capasso tries to imagine how seasonal songs can translate into a cascade or a chase of twinkling lights.
    “I work on this all year,” he said. “This is my hobby.”

  • Campbellsburg’s mayor resigns in budget impasse

    With no solution to Campbellsburg’s deficit in sight, Mayor Rex Morgan announced he will step down in hopes the new council and mayor scheduled to take office in 2017 will find a way forward.
    Morgan favored raising more revenue through increasing the insurance premium tax 3 percent and by instituting an employment flat tax.
    City council agreed to raise the insurance tax by 2 percent, but balked at the employment tax idea — both when it arose in 2015 and again when it resurfaced in October.

  • Craft distillery to open in early 2017

    Henry County Board of Adjustments Findings on Six-Mile Creek Distillery’s conditional use
    Six-Mile Creek Distillery will:

    • have a maximum of 15 full-time and 15 part-time employees
    • operate its bed and breakfast 24 hours a day and seven days a week
    • operate its visitors center from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., six days a week
    • have a maximum production of 1,200 barrels annually
    • have a maximum of 5,000 barrels of spirits stored at the facility

  • Pride in Henry County Arts
  • Students lead the class
  • Eastern Students of the month

    October students of the month at Eastern Elementary School include, front, from left: Addi Cline, Karlie Woods, Dixie Jeffries.; second row: Eli Super, Azria Kelley, Conner Shaw, Josie Peyton; and, back: Arena Bohannon and Ellas Stivers.

  • Legal experts hold court with girl scouts

    On Tuesday, Nov. 22, Judge Diane Wheeler and Henry County Attorney Virginia Harrod took time out of their busy schedule to speak to Bethlehem Girl Scout Troop 207 about careers, the courts and being honest and fair as positive examples about the meaning and the code of the entire Girl Scouts, according to the leaders. After a question and answer session the girls honored the women with a thank you gift and special judicial cookies.

  • NCES Fun Run to send books to eastern Ky.

    Jessica Wilkerson’s class at New Castle Elementary has been holding a drive to send books to students in eastern Kentucky who are without, according to a news release. They have collected over 2,000 books.
    Now the class will raise the funds needed to send those books to Eastern Kentucky schools through a Christmas Fun Run. The cost is $10 for ages 13 and up, and $7 for kids 12 and under.  

  • Warrior Madness


    The Eminence Warriors boys and girls basketball teams were introduced Friday night with a lot of fanfare and then some on-court action.

    The lights were dimmed and a large video screen was used to introduce the players while music blared through the speakers for both teams before their respective intra squad scrimmages.

    Lucky fans were given gifts during a raffle drawing at halftime of both games.

    EHS girls guard Kenya Vargas was pumped up for the action as she warmed up before the scrimmage.