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  • A hidden gem - appreciating the sense of community

    Somehow I’ve managed to bypass Port Royal during my four years here in Henry County, and only made it out there finally just because a suspect recently declined to stop for a police officer and I wanted to take a photo of the smashed personal vehicle that resulted from that intransigence.
    What an idyllic place — to have at least two businesses with just a handful of residents nearby is quite a feat in this day and time.
    From my windshield survey, I believe Port Royal probably serves as an exemplar of what small towns across the country used to be like.

  • Campbellsburg students try to catch leprechauns for St. Patty’s Day

    Campbellsburg Elementary kindergarteners engineered traps to capture the elusive leprechaun on Friday. Students, including Tucker Tingle and Xander Rahm, at left, who worked together, under the guidance of teacher Megan Hook, decided what materials to use, solved problems, worked together in teams and used creativity to make the traps. But when the students got to school Monday morning and checked the traps, no leprechauns were caught.

  • A distinguished rating is music to the Henry County band’s ears

    The Henry County School Band large ensemble earned a distinguished rating March15 at the Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) for the region five festival, held at North Oldham High School.
    The bands at the recent festival didn’t compete against one another. The HCHS musicians competed against themselves, vying for distinguished standing, according to HCHS Band Director Chip Anderson. Achievement is either surpassing the band’s previous rating or retaining the high quality already achieved.

  • Organizers are seeking Youth Strong mentors at March 27 meeting

    Youth Strong organizers have scheduled a meeting March 27 at the Kentucky State Police Post 5 in Campbellsburg about how people can get involved in an in-school mentoring program.
    The mentoring program gives students extra guidance with the goal of helping them to reach their potential, discover their strengths and become successful, organizers say.
    Student mentoring will be supported hrough a grant received by the 12th Judicial District in Henry, Oldham and Trimble county schools.

  • McManis is the first from Henry County to earn the 4-H Gold award

    Camryn McManis earned the 4-H Gold achievement award after competing with program members across the state. She is the first and only Henry County student to earn the honor since the program began a decade ago.
    As a gold recipient, McManis is eligible for the next step – the Emerald Award, according to Cathy Toole, Henry County 4-H Extension agent.
    The win surprised McManis. “I felt honored when I received gold. I never in a million years thought I would get it.”

  • Public Record March 14, 2018

    Michael G. Heightchew, DOB 6/3/1993, Pleasureville — arson, second; co-defendant, Jacob T. Congleton

    Justin Reed, 27, Smithfield — arrested March 11 at Smithfield by Trooper Ferris for a violation of a court order

    HC Sheriff ARRESTS
    Elizabeth Barron – arrested March 7 by Deputy Jamiel for failure to appear, Oldham; no registration plates; failure to produce insurance; failure to maintain insurance; DUI; and driving on a suspended license

  • Church directory

    Apostolic Pentecostal Church
    Reverand Nate Roemer
    9255 Main St., Campbellsburg;
    Sunday School, 10:30 a.m.;
    Worship 11:30 a.m.;
    Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
    Ballardsville Baptist Church
    Dr. Tony Wolfenbarger, Pastor
    4300 S. Hwy 53, Crestwood;
    Sunday Morning Worship,
    10:30 a.m.
    Bedford Springs Church
    Nick Coleman, Pastor
    43 Shepherd Ln., Bedford
    Worship, 11 a.m.
    Berea Christian Church
    Barbara Minton, Pastor
    685 Franklinton Road, Pleasureville
    Sunday School 10 a.m.;
    Worship 11 a.m.
    Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church

  • A lesson from the mountain

    Easter is just around the corner.
    Did you know that Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year?
    It is quite the appropriate day for Easter!
    On what we now call Good Friday, those who opposed Jesus managed to silence him for good.
    They nailed him to a cross and let him die.
    A bystander took his body and buried it.
    The deed was done.
    The Man was dead, and his disciples were hiding in silence.
    Then came Sunday, and the silence was shattered.
    The tomb in which Jesus had been buried was empty.

  • Are you prepared for weeds this spring?

    The grasses are starting to green up which means spring is here. However, along with the grasses, weeds will be starting to show up in fields, gardens and lawns. Weeds can play havoc from causing issues with livestock to medical issues for people, and weeds can take over crop fields.
    From dandelions to poison hemlock, weeds can come in many shapes and colors, and many times we don’t realize what we have, in many cases, certain weeds mimic harmless flowers.
    Now, you might be asking, “How do I remove weeds from my land?” My response will be, “What weed to you have?”

  • Check your tax withholding

    You may have noticed an increase in your take-home pay recently due to the tax cuts and jobs act passed by Congress in December.
    Now, you need to determine how that will affect you when it comes time to file taxes next year.
    The IRS has released a new withholding calculator to help you determine whether to change your withholding status on your W-4 to reflect these changes to the tax law.
    Everyone is encouraged to check their withholding status, but it is particularly important for the following individuals:
    • Two-income families.