Today's News

  • Cats win another tournament and 9th straight game

    Coming on the heels of the championship win at the Richmond Model Holiday Classic the week before, the Henry County boys’ basketball team defeated Sayre (50-47), Kentucky Country Day (44-41) and Paris (57-47) last week en route to the title in Sayre’s Gene Kirk Classic, which left the Wildcats riding a nine-game winning streak and bringing an impressive 11-2 record into the new year.

  • Eminence girls suffering through more setbacks en route to two more losses

    Sports Editor

    The already shorthanded Eminence Lady Warriors were even more shorthanded last week with injuries to its top two players — Rachel Raisor and Candace Wells — which led to two more basketball losses and a 2-11 start.

  • Eminence Speaker may look at temp shut downs

    Staff writer/photographer

    With the national unemployment rate rising to 7.2 percent last week, Rob Gault, president and CEO of Eminence Speaker, said permanent layoffs are not planned for the company. “In 40 years we have never terminated anyone,” he said. “I don’t want to be the one who starts.”

  • Library news: Resources to help you keep your resolution

    A brand new year is here again and all of us are thinking of our New Year’s resolutions.  Some of us go on a diet and vow to exercise more.  Some of us attempt to become more organized and use time more wisely.  This year, many of us will resolve to spend less.  Whatever your resolution, this year use the resources available at Henry County Public Library to help you keep it. 

  • General Assembly to get underway

    At the end of the year, just before the start of another legislative session, the General Assembly’s various committees report on the issues they have reviewed since the last legislative session.

    Not surprisingly, with 14 joint House and Senate committees, numerous subcommittees and eight others focusing on specific areas of state government, there is a wide ranging amount of information covered.

  • Perry Automotive at your service

    Staff writer/photographer

    “Meaner than a junk yard dog” became a household term when “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” was a hit back in 1973, but Baxter, the Rodney Perry Automotive Inc., shop cat, could spark a new, friendlier automotive expression.

    He might inspire something more along the lines of “softer than a chamois cloth” or “oranger than Jeff Burton’s car.”

    Diane Perry said she brought Baxter to live at the repair shop after adopting him from a shelter.

  • Bridge replacement underway, historic bridge will be removed

    Staff writer/photographer

    The historic Warren through-truss bridge that crosses the Kentucky River where Henry and Owen counties meet at Gratz is slated for removal as soon as a replacement is built.

    Ground was broken for the new bridge project on December 2.

    The bridge is one of 429 in the United States built in 1931 and carries an average of more than 1,000 vehicles daily across its span.

    Henry County Judge Executive John Logan Brent said the bridge has been on the six year highway plan for 15 to 20 years.

  • A tale of 12 Sligos

    General Manager

    In 2000, Irishman Gavin Walsh set off on a unique journey.

    A native of Sligo, Ireland, Walsh, 43, learned during his previous travels that there were 11 Sligos in the United States. And in 2000, he visited each one on an 8,000-mile “racethrough.”

    Now, Walsh is on his 88th trip to the United States and retracing some of his steps and gathering information for what could be part of a travelogue.

  • HC Native is Humana Medicare expert

    Executive Director, Henry County Chamber of Commerce

    As we age, our needs change, and so does our insurance.  Medicare becomes our main focus, but how many really understand what coverage is available?

  • CARE Team Connection: Resolve to Love a Child

    Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  Many people resolve to lose weight, get into shape, get their finances in order, or make some other positive change in their lives.  How long do these changes usually last?  A day?  A week?  A month?