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  • Sports Briefs

    Eminence Redskins

  • Ed Berry wraps up high school athletics career

    In his final outing wearing an Eminence uniform, Ed Berry wrapped up an impressive high school career with an eighth-place finish in the 200-meter dash, ninth in the high jump and 18th in the long jump at the Kentucky State Track and Field Championships at the University of Louisville on Saturday afternoon.

  • HCPS presents ‘good’ budget

    Staff writer/photographer

    At the May meeting of the HCPS board, superintendent Tim Abrams asked the board to approve the 2009-10 district tentative budget.

    “It’s a good budget,” he said. “It shows us being in sound financial condition.”

    Abrams said it is difficult to call it a great budget because although the district has a six percent contingency, future cuts at the state level could deplete the fund significantly. The district is required to maintain a reserve of at least two percent.

  • EIS to install new softball backstop

    Staff writer/photographer

    Emma Foree has lived  on Crabb Ave. across from the Eminence Independent Schools’ softball field for four years.

    During games she has come to expect fouled-back softballs landing in her yard or closer.

    Last year during tournament play a ball flew through an open window.

    “That’s something I can’t explain to this day,” she said. “The ball landed right on my son’s bed.”

  • Nineteen teams made up of 85 Henry County Biggest Losers are off to a great start! If you’d still like to join, call 220-3614. Achieve maximum weight loss for your team by encouraging your teammates and holding one another seriously accountable for the next nine weeks. No secrets are hidden from the scales!

  • Customers appreciated at USPS

    Postmaster, New Castle

    You probably know that the Postal Service is big. To be able to serve the mailing needs of every American every business day, we have to be big! But we bet you didn’t know that:

  • HC Biggest Loser: Do not wait to lose!

    Henry County’s Reigning Biggest Loser


    “Matter cannot be created or destroyed.” As a seventh-eighth grade science teacher I know that this is true. If you exercise to burn off more calories than you consume, you have to lose weight. As the reigning Biggest Loser of Henry County, I challenge Henry County Local readers to join the next Biggest Loser Contest.  


  • Smithfield Baptist Church is razed

    Staff writer/photographer

    For 137 years, the oldest portion of Smithfield Baptist Church stood tall. It stands no more.

    Reverend Ed Life said the old building finally had to come down.

    The sign outside the church reads “Thank you, Lord, for 137 years in this building.”

  • Community Calendar for the week of May 20, 2009

    Wednesday, May 20


    Karate classes will be held at the Community Center from 6 to 7:30 p.m.


    Children’s Story and Craft hour every Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m. at Pleasureville Christian Church. Also, the community library at the church is open to the public from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.


    Thursday, May 21


  • Three EHS, two HCHS students named as Governors Scholars

    Staff writer/photographer

    Five students in Henry County have been selected to participate in the 2009 Governors Scholars Program.

    Three Eminence High School juniors and two from Henry County High School (plus an alternate) recently were chosen for the program.

    EHS students Keisha Jamison and Rachel Sims look forward to participating in the project following a difficult application process.