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  • Wet weather causing more delays

    Several people commented on my column last week where I mentioned our rain gauge volunteers and the diligent job they are doing reporting just how much and where the rains are occurring.  We can say with some assurance that this was the wettest April ever in Henry County, with every reporting station recording well more than the old Louisville record of 11.1 inches.  Our reports ranged from a low of 13.21 inches up to 17.90 inches, with most falling in the 14 to 15 inch range. 

  • District Communication Event results

  • Public Records for the week of 05/04/11

    Property Transfers:
    Springleaf Home Equity Inc., La Grange, to Susann Miller Graham, Crestwood. Property in Henry County; $16,500.
    Sheriff’s Dept. Arrests
    Joshua R. Clark, felony nonsupport, arrested by Rick Nelson on 4/25.
    Michael J. Payton, 2 counts of failure to comply, arrested by Rick Nelson on 4/26.
    Jeremy S. Wheeler, bond violation, arrested by Tommy Benham on 4/27.

  • AOC offers county new courthouse

    It was a surprise to John Logan Brent; he thought the meeting was going to be about something completely different.

    When representatives from the Administrative Office of the Courts set an appointment with him about three weeks ago, Brent thought it would be a discussion about handicap accessibility. Little did Brent know that AOC would drop a $12.5 million offer on his desk.

  • Council member gets 2nd DUI

    An Eminence City Council member has been arrested for driving under the influence.

    Council member Leo Mason was charged with his second DUI by Eminence Police Officer John Wilson on Saturday, April 30.

    Wilson wrote in the arrest citation that he saw a red Ford F-150 pull out of the Scriber’s Station restaurant parking lot around 10:15 p.m. The vehicle, he wrote, pulled out into oncoming traffic — including Wilson who was east bound on Elm. “I had to slam on my brakes and swerve right,” Wilson wrote.

  • Father & son charged w/ burglary

    Two alleged burglars, caught by Eminence Police on April 28, don’t just share a name — they’re blood relatives.

    Mark Johnson, 45, and his son Justin Johnson, 23, were arrested at a home on North Main Street in Eminence.

    The two reportedly forcibly entered a residence on McElroy in Eminence.
    Neighbors called police to report what they believed to be an assault.

  • Flashback on flooding: 1997 and 1937 floods

    The recent heavy rains had some residents talking about the similarities to the flood of 1997, when about 12 inches of water fell, not over the course of a couple of weeks, but in a single day.

    From March 1 to 2, 1997, a foot of rain raised the level of the Kentucky River four feet in about two hours’ time in Lockport.

  • Two of EHS Governors Scholars are best friends

    EHS juniors Nikke Gamble and Cadence Payne are best friends, and self-proclaimed hallway royalty. But this summer, the BFFs will split up for five weeks.

    Both earned their way into the 2011 Governor’s Scholars program, but want to go to different schools, as did fellow junior Rachel Metcalfe.

    Payne wants to check out Louisville’s Bellarmine University because of its photography curriculum and urban vitality.

    Gamble leans more towards the rural splendor and the academia of Centre College in Danville.

  • HCHS Air Force JROTC Dines Out

  • Concerns raised about New Castle’s appearance

    While appearances may not be everything, New Castle commissioners discussed several ways to improve the looks of their city Monday night.

    Theresa Skinner of the United Citizens Bank brought concerns about the condition of downtown buildings, specifically the Odd Fellows Lodge. “The white building across from the bank needs a lot of work,” she said. “Birds get in and then can’t get out.”