Today's News

  • Beechwood ends Eminence’s 2009 season

    One week after earning the school’s first football playoff victory, the Eminence Warriors ended their 2009 campaign with a huge 58-0 loss against powerhouse Beechwood on Friday night in the second round of the Class A State Playoffs.

  • Regarding the recent loss of community landmarks

    I have often heard Henry Countians express their belief in traditional values, in their appreciation for the old ways, and their respect for the past. However, for a community as deeply rooted in what is perceived as tradition, it is very sad to see so little care taken of the physical reminders of where we have been and who we are.

  • Perfect season for Bengals

    Capping off a perfect season, the Campbellsburg Bengals defeated the New Castle Chiefs 21-12 on Sunday in the finals of the Henry County Youth Football League varsity division.

  • EHS makes history with school’s first playoff win

    Hosting Ludlow in the Class A state football playoffs for the second straight season, the Eminence Warriors got revenge from last year’s opening-round loss, accomplished their top objective for 2009 and made school history by becoming the first EHS team to win an 11-man playoff game.

  • Pleasureville considering revised property ordinance

    General Manager

    Pleasureville soon will amend its property maintenance ordinance to give the city more bite when it comes to enforcement.

    City Attorney Bill Brammell presented the Pleasureville City Commission with two options, both of which ultimately end in district court.

    The first option, he said, would involve citations that would go straight to district court. That option, he said, involved the least amount of manpower for the city.

  • Eminence man arrested for copper theft

    General Manager

    An Eminence man has been arrested in connection to the theft of more than 2.5 tons of copper wire in Smithfield.

    John Brandon Thomas, 22, of Eminence, was arrested by Henry County Sheriff’s Office Detective Danny Stivers and charged with one count of theft by unlawful taking over $500, a class D felony. Stivers said he expects others to be arrested in connection with the case as well.

  • We women and our pocketbooks

    A woman and her pocketbook share a unique bond. A pocketbook serves not only as a carrying case for any number of “necessary” items, it is also a fashion statement, and in some ways a reflection of her personality. A woman is apt to fuss about her purse now and then while a man will tend to carry around the same old wallet until it is so worn that bills start falling out. Most women need a frequent change in purses. 

  • Kentucky remembers its veterans

    As Veterans Day is upon us, we must remember that our country stands tall because of what veterans did and the values they stand for. Although many of our country’s giants were veterans, it’s important to remember that many of the veterans who pledged their lives for our freedom are quiet heroes, common folk that we know as neighbors and friends and family members.

  • No child restraint device? No good excuse

    When I was a child, cars were not equipped with shoulder harnesses, only lap belts, and child safety seats had yet to be invented.

    I remember clambering over back seats to take a nap in the rear compartment of the station wagon. I remember sitting literally on the edge of the front seat gazing out the windshield at stars and the roadside scenery whizzing by seemingly inches from my face.

    It was fun, and luckily we were never in a wreck.

  • Henry County Olympians

    Tiny Pieces Inc., of New Castle, was recently represented by three children at the Kentucky State Special Olympic Equestrian Competition at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington on Oct. 4. All from Henry County, Jessica Hall, 9, Idarion Graham, 8, and Jared McBurney, 8, each participated in two classes in the Western Riding Division. Jessica earned a bronze medal (3rd) and a 4th place finish; Idarion earned a 5th place finish and a bronze medal (3rd) and Jared earned 4th and 6th place honors.