Columns and Editorials

  • Those who steal from their fellow citizens aren’t patriots

    Cliven Bundy, despite his claims of personal sovereignty, should recognize and show gratitude for just how well our democracy has worked for him.
    I mean, I know he won’t, because that would ruin his reputation with the radical fringe groups who supported him in his ongoing standoff with the Bureau of Land Management about cattle grazing rights in the western United States.

  • I resolve to improve by strictly observing the Golden Rule

    New Years resolutions. We’ve all made them. We’ve all broken them. So, why make them?
    The reason to create — and, hopefully, stick to — our plans is that repetition and persistence help develop muscle memory.
    This could become a reflex we use to reach our goals. And a new year is a great time for a fresh beginning to get rid of habits that either hold us back or harm others.
    I don’t usually make resolutions, but this year, I’ve created a laundry list of goals for 2018.

  • Reckoning with Addiction: The view with the EMS

    By John Iscore Essick

    Henry County Emergency Medical Services (HCEMS) personnel are trained and prepared to assist in some of the most difficult and frightening moments of our lives.  

    I rode along with HCEMS on three different occasions in recent months to hear their perspective on addiction in our county.

  • The Local’s holiday letter to our family and friends

    Holiday letters are a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and neighbors — they afford the opportunity to step back, smile, remind us of our connections near and far and to reflect on changes from the past year and plans for the future.

    As we close the year at the Henry County Local and reflect on all that we are grateful for, leading that list is our wonderful community of readers and advertisers, as well as living in a country that allows for a free press and free speech.

  • Volunteers make sacrifices to serve their community

    A few community members typically carry the water for the rest of us. I’m thinking specifically about the community’s need for volunteers to “staff” local fire departments.

    At the risk of repeating myself in praise of firefighters, here I go again.

    There’s no need to pose a hypothetical question about why so few folks step up to protect their friends and neighbors.

  • The job of the courts isn’t cutting out competition

    Having read Pilot’s lawsuit filed against Thorntons and having been present during the rezoning process, it seems to me like the attorneys for Pilot have drafted a legal euphemism that actually means, “We don’t want any more competition.”

    They can’t openly come out and say that, of course, because it’s not the job of the courts to limit the number of businesses that can operate in an area.

  • Individual rights are the bedrock of our democracy

    As videos of folks breaking their expensive name brand single cup coffee maker proliferated, it seems like America suffers from something that might be termed “perpetual debate disease,” in which groups of folks who hold opposite positions won’t budge a millimeter.

  • Reckoning with addiction: Loss spurs Jacena’s recovery

    By John Inscore Essick

    “I have literally crawled from the depths of hell back up,” Jacena said.  Her climb out of the “madness” was full of unrealistic expectations, setbacks, frustrations and painful losses. There were a few moments of clarity in the madness, though, when Jacena caught glimpses of just how broken she was.  

  • Giving thanks for community and staff

    By Terry Price

    Superintendent, Henry County Public Schools

  • Please find in your mailbox a Local post-Halloween treat

     For Halloween, the Henry County Local treated the community to an open door at our Penn Avenue office for our traditional celebration.