• Citizen involvement and civic pride

    Every town needs it to prosper and Eminence has it!
    As an example, perhaps you’ve noticed lately the change in the Eminence Cemetery. Those stark dead tree trunk that stood defiantly throughout the cemetery since the tornadoes of the early 1970s are gone. Removing them was the first phase of a plant to bring our venerable cemetery back to its heritage of beauty and dignity.

  • With love and determination

  • Fiscal responsibility should be commended

    I truly hope my fellow Henry County residents realize how fortunate we are to have fiscally responsible county leaders. (“Magistrates to cut $150k from budget”)

  • Forget Fox, remember reason

    I had not intended my July 25 letter to be solely a defense of the Affordable Care Act, but to point out the widespread deception of Mr. (Geoff) Davis and his party, and the unquestioning acceptance of these lies by many people on many issues.  

  • David needs your help! And so does Mona

    Do you remember the story of David in the Bible?  He held a slingshot to fight off Goliath.
    Well, I feel like David as I have been issued a challenge with Bullitt and Shelby Counties.  We are having a competition: who can walk the most steps on Sept. 29, in simultaneous walks in our counties. I feel like David as both counties are much bigger than we.  However, even if we are small we are mighty and we can win.

  • Obamacare takes away our freedom and control

    It was very disappointing to read Mr. Yates’ scathing criticism of Congressman Geoff Davis who has served this district with diligence for many years. As is often the case, the words and the tone of Mr. Yates’ letter reflected more negatively on him rather than Mr. Davis.

    We thank Congressman Davis for his many years of service. We have appreciated his commitment in representing us and in keeping us informed of the legislative issues in Washington. We wish him and his family well, particularly since he had to resign so abruptly due to urgent family issues.

  • Led to serve

    Saturday I announced my candidacy for the Eminence City Council.

    After prayer, speaking with my wife, and seeking the counsel of friends, I feel lead to offer my experience to serve the people of Eminence.

  • Thank you for Eminence Day

  • Embraced care by the informed

    Mitch McConnell is terrified of the Affordable Care Law. He knows that once people become informed about the law and its effects, they will embrace it and appreciate it the way they appreciate Social Security and Medicare. When this happens, Republicans and their distorting voices will fade into the background and be ignored. Health insurance companies will be prohibited from continuing their fiendish betrayal of sick Americans and dumping the cost of treating the uninsured on taxpayers and insurance premium payers, and American healthcare will improve and become cheaper.

  • Emergency Responders thanked

    Dr. Wintson Yap and the staff of the Bedford Family Practice would like to recognize the men and women of the Bedford Fire Department and Ambulance Service, Milton Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Campbellsburg Fire and Rescue Department, Trimble County Sheriff’s Department and the Kentucky State Police for their quick response to a fire that destroyed a house on July 18 next to our office.

    If it were not for the efforts of the brave men and women of these departments our office would have been destroyed by the fire.