• Letter: To Mr. Stephens and Eminence City Council

    I just wanted to thank yourself and the city council for their support of the planned CVS Pharmacy.  Too many times government gives into the wishes of a few at the cost of the many.  Many residents including myself cannot wait for the added convenience a CVS pharmacy will bring.  Currently I have to drive all the way to La Grange to fill a prescription because I am not happy with the service that the one pharmacy in Henry County provides.

  • Letter - Thank you for coverage

    Thank you for your coverage of the beginning of the re-beautification program at the Eminence Cemetery. This was made possible by many people who responded to letters and calls.

    The Eminence Cemetery Board was elected in 2011 with the express goal to address the needs of the cemetery.

  • Progress and Preservation
  • Thanks to optimists
  • We are going to miss you

     In the Oct. 3, 2012, Henry County Local Eminence Mayor Drane Stephens wrote an editorial stating:

    “It is very unusual for a city our size to only have one pharmacy. Consider Crestwood and Owenton. Both are smaller than Eminence and neither even have as much industry yet both support at least two pharmacies with Crestwood even supporting two large national chain stores. Competition does not kill businesses, it makes them stronger.”

  • Stop the mudslinging

    Dear Editor,

    I feel I need to respond to statements made by speakers at the Henry County Democrat Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner, as reported in the Henry County Local.

    Jerry Lundergan, father of Allison Lundergan Grimes, said “The Democratic Party of Kentucky has stood by and let the Republicans identify who we are.” No, y’all have done a pretty good job of that on your own. This summer’s Democratic National Convention showed everyone what the Democratic Party stands for.

  • Hello big chain, good-bye customer service

    Growth is good but at what cost?

    As of the up and coming 2014, Cook’s Pharmacy/True Value would have been in business for 50 years in our community. I can’t help but think how sad a family business that has had so much influence and been a part of many people’s lives in our community will be coming to an end.


    Did you realize that out of the 16 million Veterans who participated in WWII, there are only about 1.5 million still living. The U.S. is losing 800 to 1,000 WWII veterans every day, which means in five years most of the Greatest Generation will be gone.


    The Henry County Courthouse and Annex  will be closing at noon on Friday, March 29, 2013 in observance of Good Friday.
    Due to the Good Friday holiday, the Henry County Clerk’s Office will close at 11:30 a.m. Please do not wait until the last day to do your March renewals! The office will not open again until 8 a.m., Monday, April 1.

  • Do we embrace complacency or the future?

    Along with some of my fellow community members, I was grieved to hear that two more historic buildings were going to be demolished in order to create new businesses and jobs for Eminence. However, what saddens and perplexes me even more is that there have been many more that have fallen long before we arrived 17 years ago. Their memories remain in beautiful portraits that reside in City Hall.