• Kentucky blazes new education path

    Early this month, we took another major step forward with the release of the latest round of school accountability scores.

    Our goal is to truly see where our students stand against their counterparts across the country and around the world.  Rather than testing whether they have a good understanding of the material, we want to know if they are on the way to being ready for college and a career – the benchmark that counts most.

  • Christmas in New Castle will be Dec. 7


  • Take the chance to get involved

    Would you like to get involved in local politics if given the chance?

  • Make budgets cut fair

    While I was at the Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday, October 16th, the budget committee that had been appointed by County Judge John Logan Brent discussed options on how the county was going to make the appropriate cuts for the county. We realize that this is a very difficult job for a committee, and especially making decisions that are fair for all. Budget cuts  were made to EMS, parks and recreations and the Sheriff’s budgets. We realize that the budget committee went after the biggest cuts first. I am all for budget cuts and Henry County should have done this years ago.

  • Will Eminence City Council take action?

  • Vote for Armstrong

    Hello, my name is E. Lee Ann Armstrong and I am seeking my third term in office for the city council in Eminence. My family and I have lived here for many years: my husband grew up here and graduated from Eminence school as well as three of my sons.

  • Endorsement for Massie

    Thomas Massie: The man for the job

    When they find themselves in Washington among 434 other lawmakers looking to be heard, members of Congress either emerge as leaders who remain true to the people for their districts and who others follow, or they end up as run-of-the-mill politicians who simply go along to get along.

  • Letter of withdrawal

    My name is Howard Roberts and I am a candidate for the Pleasureville City Commission. At this time, I am, regrettably, withdrawing from the upcoming election. I wish to thank all the people who supported me, and explain the reason for my withdrawal.

    A question was raised about my eligibility to run for the city commission. It was argued that I had not lived in the city long enough. The law says that a candidate must live in the city limits one-year prior to the election date.

  • Cook's cares

    Let me add to the comments regarding the proposed CVS Pharmacy for Eminence and the impact on Cook’s  long’ time establishment in Henry County.  A small bit of information amid volumes of rhetoric written in the past few months.  Not to even express an opinion as to the validity of a new business in Henry County, but to inform the public as to the character of the existing one.

  • Jon Park for Eminence City Council Endorsement

    Eminence is blessed with many good citizens wanting to get involved in their local politics; Citizens wanting involvement representing and implementing a positive direction for their City. Eminence voters are fortunate to have multiple choices as to who represents their city and concerns. They are especially fortunate to have Jon Park as a choice for Eminence City Council.