• Kentucky quells housing market crisis

    One of the most devastating aspects of the economic crisis that began gripping the country in 2007 was the effect it had on the housing market.
    While Kentucky did not experience the widespread declines felt mainly by states along the coasts, we were far from unscathed.  According to the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts, there have been more than 80,000 foreclosures over the last five years, and tens of thousands more households are just getting by or are “underwater,” meaning their mortgage is more than their home is now worth.

  • Eminence Mayor: Change, progress are hard

    Yes, I agree that it is our responsibility to work hard to support and help maintain our current businesses.  It is also our duty and obligation to try and move forward with opportunities for new businesses in our community.  We need to provide our businesses with every opportunity to succeed.

  • In defense of Geoff Davis

    In light of recent comments from a couple of letters to the editor regarding former Congressman Geoff Davis, the Henry County Republican Party would like to set the record straight.

  • A letter of thanks

    My name is Jakob Beckley and I was in charge of the parade for Pleasureville Day this year on Sept. 8.
    We had a great turnout for the parade, even though it rained all morning, along with the other events during the great day.
    I want to thank everyone for participating in Pleasureville Day and supporting our city.

  • Thanks for the support and the opportunity to serve

  • Family can’t rely on local pharmacy

    I would like to respond to Mr. (Lance) Minnis’ opinion in the Sept. 19 edition of the Henry County Local. 

    Like him, I’m a supporter of local and small businesses (I hope to open one myself someday) and the benefits that they bring to their communities as outlined by Mr. Minnis.

  • Speak and let your voice be heard

        With growing dismay and disbelief, I have been following the rumors and articles about the CVS Pharmacy which appears fated for Eminence.

    Disbelief, that so few have spoken out about the damage to the city environment that would occur. Disbelief, that so few are concerned about the lasting physical damage to the city’s historic structures, character and culture. Disbelief, at the apparent self-interest of the few that are ramrodding this debacle.

  • Facts not Found

    In the Sept. 5 edition of the Henry County Local, Joseph Yates gave his rendition of how stupid conservative Americans can be.

    But, much like he claimed against them, he didn’t really give any “facts” of why Americans should vote for Obama. Matter of fact, I haven’t found one Obama supporter who can tell me what good he has done for the country as a whole.

    How about I give you just a few of the facts on why I won’t be voting for President Obama?

  • EMS Training

    To better serve the Henry County community and improve their skills, Henry County EMS participated in a 2.5-hour training module, Pre-Incident Training: Protecting Our First Responders.

    In the aftermath of a critical incident, natural or manmade, stress reactions are normal response of a healthy person to an abnormal situation. The training received by Henry County EMS helped prepare them to cope with critical incidents and the reactions that may experience.

  • Seeking your vote

    I am Pauline “Polly” Troxell and I am seeking reelection to the Eminence City Council. I have served two terms and I am asking for your vote in November.
    I will work hard to continue to make our  city even more attractive than it is. I serve on the festival and budget committees, and anywhere else I am needed.
    We live in a great little city and I am proud to call Eminence my home. I will try and visit every home to personally ask for your vote.
    As always, I am just a phone call away — 845-7518. Please don’t hesitate to call.