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  • Republican leaders call for pensions solution

    Kentucky’s pension systems are in critical condition. While certain state retirement plans are arguably in “better shape” than others are, every system is severely underfunded and rapidly spiraling downward towards a single outcome: no more money to pay Kentucky’s retirees.

    Understandably, retirees and those nearing retirement are concerned. Over the past 10 years, Kentucky’s pension systems have lost more than $7 billion in value. 

  • Letters to the Editor for Aug. 30, 2017

     Drennon Creek isn’t the only one that’s dying

    I am grateful to Earl Holmes Jr. for his letter in the “Local” of Aug. 16. It is a fact that nearly all of our streams are now polluted with toxic chemicals or in other ways degraded.

  • Honoring firefighters for their willingness to serve

    There’s lots going on in Henry County, but I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the sacrifices that volunteer firefighters make for their communities.

    I didn’t know Campbellsburg Fire Department volunteer Thomas P. McBride, so I’m poorly qualified to discuss his life.

  • Reckoning with addiction: COMPASS leads to help

    By John Inscore Essick

    Port Royal Baptist Church

    If you drop by the COMPASS offices at 125 Park Road in New Castle during business hours, you will be greeted by friendly faces and welcoming smiles.  

    When I visited Joan Miles and Stephanie Sharp Cravens on a sunny August afternoon recently, their offices were bathed in the kind of natural light that invites conversation and sharing.  

  • Letters to the Editor for Aug. 16, 2017

     Adult ed adopts a new brand, creates buzz

    Jefferson Community and Technical College Henry County Adult Education is extremely appreciative of past support from the community for its many programs.

    During the 2016-17 school year, the learning center served 62 students.  Many goals were met:

    • 5 earned their GED

  • Attacking those who disagree will solve nothing

    Given Robert E. Lee’s personal gallantry and his willingness to work as a constructive citizen after the Civil War despite helping to lead the Confederate army, I’d like to think the Virginian would abhor that racists continue to elevate him as a hero of white supremacy.

  • Kentucky slammed the brakes on the loss of transportation revenues

    Kentucky’s Road Fund isn’t growing as fast as some would like. But it’s doing much better than it was two years ago. 

  • What could make the quality of life better here?

    Thinking about what Henry County needs reminded me of a lot of community listening events I’ve attended over the years. Usually those listening sessions involved getting feedback from people about how they view their community and what could be done to make it better.