‘Mommy, we saved us from the fire’: Pleasureville family speaks out after losing everything

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By Taylor Riley

Joe and Ashley Bastin’s Pleasureville home caught fire at around 1:30 a.m. Jan. 30 on Marcus Street.


The family, minus Joe who was not at home at the time, was sleeping soundly. They all nestled together downstairs in the heated living room, as they closed off the upstairs when it got cold. And it was cold; temperatures last Wednesday night plummeted to 4 degrees.

Ashley heard a loud crash coming from the dining room and “by the grace of God” noticed that the light fixture had fallen onto the table and was now on fire. She rushed over, with everyone still asleep but her 11-year-old son Jacob, and splashed water on the light. Half asleep, she looked up and noticed the wires coming from the ceiling were in flames.

“OK, we gotta get out of here,” Ashley thought as her mind was working to make it happen. “The only thing I had going on in my head was getting the kids out.”

Jacob, the oldest of the five children ages 6 months to his 11 years, put baby Zayden in his car seat and grabbed the diaper bag with bottles and formula. He then helped his mother wrap comforters around the older children, only two of them–oldest girl Addison was at her aunt’s home–fled to the car.

“My adrenaline was high,” Ashley said. “My main concern was getting them out to where they were safe.”

Ashley and the kids sat in the car in the driveway of their home, watching it burn. Hysterical, she called 911 and had to tell the dispatcher three times where her address was located.

And then, Ashley said, “All we could do was stand back and watch.”

The family retreated to neighbor and Local employee Tawnja Morris’ home, where they could seek solace from the frigid temperatures.

“I was in complete shock,” Ashley said. “I was numb (but) feeling every emotion possible in such a short amount of time.”

The girls, 6-year-old Makenzie and 3-year-old Lydia, were scared and crying. Jacob, though, stayed calm until the moment caught up with him.

“He was amazing,” Ashley said. “He said, ‘Mommy, we saved us from the fire.’”

Not one of the family members were injured. Pleasureville Fire Chief Matt Woods said the fire broke out due to an electrical issue.  Eminence, New Castle, Bagdad, Pleasureville and Campbellsburg Fire departments and EMS were on the scene to save the home, but it’s a total loss.

“We are devastated to say the least,” Ashley said about the 15 years of memories in the house, including baby pictures and other commemorative items.

Ashley said the children do not yet know the gravity of the situation.

“I don’t know if they really understand … know that their house is gone, everything is gone,” Ashley said. “They’re dealing with it in their own way.

“They’re amazingly strong for being so young and going through this. It’s the only thing keeping me going at this time.”

The Bastins, who are now living with family, are thankful the Henry County community has come together in the wake of a tragedy. Facebook posts asking for clothes, necessities and toys have collected more than the family needed, Ashley said.

“I don’t feel like thank you is enough,” Ashley said. “I can’t express it. It feels amazing. I can’t put it into words.”

Facebook fundraising accounts that have been set up for the family have raised over $4,400, and clothing and toys are no longer needed. Any monetary donations should be sent to Ashley Bastin, c/o Chasidy Bastin 2749 Pleasureville Rd., Pleasureville, KY 40057.

The family of seven is now in search for a rental property. Contact Chasidy Bastin for more details.