The ‘No’ Party plays up the shutdown

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By Jon Park

I predicted the government shutdown would happen in my last column. When the mantra of the Obama Administration is, ‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’ it was no stretch of the imagination.
I take no pride in the government shutdown, but the mass media’s claim that all the blame should be placed at the feet of the Republican led House, and Republicans in general is wrong.
The Republican  led House of Representatives have passed 10 bills to reopen government. Harry Reid and the Democrat led Senate have said no to every one of them. The President has said he would veto any of those bills that would cross his desk.
Meanwhile, most nonessential government employees have been sent home, while others still have had to report to work regardless. Think about all the problems in that statement alone. First, why does the government even have ‘nonessential employees?’ Either they are essential or we have just found places to cut spending. Second, some nonessential employees were sent home due to the shutdown, while others were told they had to report to work without pay. Oh, but don’t worry, the powers that be passed a bill to give back pay to furloughed employees. Anyone see any problem here? You have one furloughed employee staying home with pay, while another has to report to work.
The crisis shut down an open-air monument that honors our World War II Veterans, keeping those war heroes from visiting their memorial. People who live in the Great Smoky Mountains were told they couldn’t get home, due to the road they travel was shut down. Tourists have been turned away, from looking from a distance, at government owned Yellowstone National Park. Even those, like me, who traveled to the Red River Gorge area, found it difficult, as privately leased campgrounds and roads to trails were closed. Worst of all, death benefits to families of fallen soldiers were stopped. That one didn’t play well with the American people, and was rescinded. We have heard story, after story, like these.
The Obama Administration is working very hard to make life difficult during the shutdown. It’s a part of their playbook. ‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste.’
While the GOP led House, and the Republicans in the Senate have offered and continue to look for resolution, it is Harry Reid, the President and the Democrats that are the party of NO.