40th Anniversary - Tragic Crash Near Bagdad

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By The Staff

Nov. 3, 2007 will mark the 40th Anniversary of a tragic 1967 auto accident that took the lives of a Cropper woman, Mrs. Fount Dearner, and her daughter, Mrs. Anna D. Kendall, who were traveling to Danville for a wedding.

On that fateful day, just after 6 o'clock in the evening and shortly after a rain shower, Mrs. Kendall, her husband, Stanley, and their 9-year-old son, Stanley Dale Kendall, had picked up Mrs. Dearner in Cropper intending to proceed to Danville to attend the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Kendall's oldest son, Wayne, to Miss Ethel Chumbley.

Just south of Bagdad on Peytona Road, the car suddenly spun out of control on the rain-slicked roadway and Mrs. Dearner and Mrs. Kendall were thrown from the car. The car did not overturn but traveled a very short distance into a field. The other passengers were unharmed. Investigators at the scene reported the wedding gifts in the car's rear window remained in place, and attributed the accident to a combination of the wet conditions and the odd banking of the roadway. Mrs. Dearner's and Mrs. Kendall's deaths were attributed in part to fence posts that had recently been deposited along the side of the roadway by a local farmer intending to build a new fence.

Mrs. Dearner and Mrs. Kendall were members of Cropper Christian Church. They were both generous and loving people who have been missed by family and friends alike.

William Kendall

St. Peters, Missouri