Be more environmentally concious

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By The Staff

I think you should put more articles in your paper about the green house gases that are entering our atmosphere. I don't think many people completely understand what is happening to our ozone.

Maybe if you put things like where we would be in five plus years, if we were still doing what we're doing now and not changing anything. I think that might wake some people up and try to fix these problems we are having, because if we keep doing this and not changing anything we will have drastic weather changes if when its really going to get hot. Same when it rains its not going to just rain a little its going to rain a lot. And with more people knowing what could happen maybe they would try to step up in our environment and make it a better place for now and in the future.

You could also give the readers tips on how we can lower all the gases in the air.

Thank you for your time. I hope you take some of my suggestions into consideration.

Jennifer Waford, Eminence