Brent wins Judge-Executive race again; Perry appointed to sheriff

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By The Staff

Henry County voters decided the outcome of 16 contests on Tuesday. The election brought in a total of 6,413 voters.

Local races

In the race for judge-executive, voters chose incumbent John Logan Brent (D) over former Henry County Sheriff Danny Cravens (R), 3,224 to 3,102. Brent defeated Cravens with 50.96 percent of the vote.

Cravens said he would enjoy retirement now that he’s not in office.

“I still care about the county and what goes on,” Cravens said. “The county is moving in a good direction. Brent has the ability to move the county forward. At this point, I’ll just sit back and watch what direction (the county moves in).”

“I was extremely surprised with how close it was,” Brent said. “We campaigned hard ... I’m not happy with the result. For one thing, it showed me how disengaged our county is becoming.”

In the race for Henry County Sheriff, voters chose Henry County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Keith Perry (R) over Democrat Danny Stivers, 3,574 to 2,750. Perry defeated Stivers with 56.51 percent of the vote.

“I was very pleased with the result,” Perry said, thanking everyone for their support. “The hard work paid off … I’m ready to prove myself.”

Stivers, who was once a member of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, accepted the voters’ decision.

“The people of the county have spoken, if they’re happy I’m happy,” Stivers said, who mentioned he would not run again.

Other races

In a race for magistrate, District 2, voters chose Republican Roger Hartlage over incumbent Rickey Timberlake (D), 700-505. Hartlage won over Timberlake with 58.09 percent of the vote.

In a race for magistrate, District 3 voters chose Democrat Jason Stanley over William Tapp, 613-428. Stanley won over Tapp with 58.89 percent of the vote.

In a race for magistrate, District 4, voters chose Democrat Chuck Smith over incumbent Terri Cummings, 509-469. Smith won over Cummings with 52.04 percent of the vote.

In a race for magistrate, District 5, voters chose incumbent Michael Fisher over Jamie Tingle, 571-492. Fisher won over Tingle with 53.72 percent of the vote.

In a race for constable, District 1, voters chose Jimmie Tingle over William Dale, 526-498. Tingle won with 51.37 percent of the vote.

In a race for Eminence School Board, the following were appointed to the board: Donna McClamroch, Pamela Morehead-Johnson and Brenda Chisholm.

In a race for Eminence City, the following were appointed: Steven Metcalfe, Danny Meadows, Pauline Troxell, Lee Ann Armstrong, Leo Mason and Fred Downey.

In a race for New Castle Mayor, voters chose Bobby King over Dennis Benham, 150-149. King won with 50.17 percent of the vote.

In a race for New Castle City Commission, the following were appointed: Phoebe Thurman-Thompson, Harry Mitchell, Tony Kurtz and Charles Sevier.

In a race for Pleasureville Mayor, voters chose William Rodney Young over Matthew Nelson, 144-96.

In a race for Pleasureville City, the following were appointed: Shawn Mertz, Kem Holthouser, Vic Harrod and Christopher Kushman.

Several candidates seeking office in general election were unopposed, including District 1 Magistrate Scott Bates, District 6 Magistrate Jerry Beasley, County Attorney Virginia Harrod, County Clerk Shanda Archer, Court Clerk Gina Lyle, Property Valuation Administrator Jason Scriber, Coroner Jimmy Pollard, James Edds for constable in District 2, Richard Jaehnigen for constable in District 4 and Roger Beasley for constable in District 6.

Official results come out later this week, according to the county clerk’s office.

State races

Incumbent U.S. House District 4 Representative Thomas Massie (R) defeated challengers Seth Hall (D) and Mike Moffett (I) handily in Henry County, raking in 60.58 percentage of the vote — with votes being 3,735-2,230-200 for the two-year congressional term.

County voters favored incumbent Senator Paul Hornback (R) in the Kentucky Senate District 20 race, with 3,434 to Dave Suetholz 2,846. Hornback received 54.68 percent of the vote.

Suetholz, a labor attorney and former general counsel for the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, lives in Eminence; Gilkison is a builder, real estate broker and a small business owner in the county.

The campaign season wasn’t without controversy. An “October surprise” emerged after the Kentucky Republican Party mailed a negative ad about Suetholz to over a thousand voters in October.

The race got contentious as the Democratic opponent learned the ad contained a photo of his wife and two small daughters. The photo included Suetholz, his family and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, which the Republicans obtained from the challenger’s website or Facebook page.

Suetholz and the Henry County Democratic Party said the move was beyond the pale, while Hornback and the Henry County Republican Party said they stood by the ad.

Kentucky State House Representative Rick Rand (D) won the most votes for the District 47 seat with 51.21 percent of the vote and 3,211 cast ballots. Republican challenger Mark Gilkinson tallied 3,059 votes,.

Amendment 1, a crime victims’ rights proposal on the ballot across the county, also known as Marsy’s Law, won overwhelming support in Henry County with 3,397 votes and 62.03 percent.

For full results and winners of state races, go to the Henry County Local Facebook page.