Campbellsburg man charged with abuse of corpse, forgery

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By Taylor Riley

Kentucky State Police Post 5 arrested a Campbellsburg man on charges of abusing a corpse and forgery after his girlfriend was found dead inside her home.

Police say they received information of a dead female inside the residence of 251 Melody Lane in Campbellsburg on Oct. 21. When the department was dispatched they found Loretta M. Rusatsky, 65, in an unattached out-building on her property.

During an interview at KSP Post 5, Rusatsky’s boyfriend, Patrick Hill, 57, said he knew the woman was deceased the day before, Oct. 20 at approximately 2 or 3 p.m. when he returned from a trip to the Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana.

After Hill discovered her body, he went to the Minute Mart, located on Cardinal Drive in Campbellsburg, at around 5 or 6 p.m. on Saturday. Hill said an employee asked how Rusatsky was and he said she was, “OK.”

Hill said he then returned to the residence and he and his dog slept with the corpse until 10 a.m. Sunday, the following morning.

It wasn’t until a neighbor stopped by on Sunday, that Rusatsky’s body was found and reported to KSP. Hill was then charged with abuse of a corpse.

Hill was charged again on Oct. 29 after KSP responded to a call at United Citizens Bank in Campbellsburg after Hill attempted to cash a check that belonged to Rusatsky for $3,000. Hill admitted to police that he tried to cash the check, but stated Rusatsky signed the check approximately one to three months prior, and he filled the remaining parts of the check out at a later date.

Police said in the arrest citation that the handwriting of Hill and Rusatsky were compared and were “visibly different.”

Rusatsky and Hill have fought with the City of Campbellsburg over legal issues since May 2015. Most citations were due to complaints by neighbors about unlivable conditions.

At several city meetings, residents of Melody Lane complained about smells, varmints and the fact that Rusatsky and Hill had been living in the shed on the property since the house’s pipes burst and the couple’s home was destroyed.

The City of Campbellsburg tried to not only use the law in the situation but also tried to get Rusatsky–who was wheelchair bound before her death–adult services and health department help but failed to do so based on her unwillingness to participate, according to Campbellsburg Mayor Shelly Noe.

The property is now being cleaned by a crew hired by Rusatsky’s family, according to Noe.

Hill is reportedly still living in the shed behind Rusatsky’s property, although an eviction notice was issued on Nov. 20 by City Attorney William Brammell on behalf of Loretta’s brother and administrator of the estate Eugene Rusatsky, of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Hill posted bail for $3,000 on Oct. 31. A court trial for the eviction case is scheduled for Nov. 28, according to court documents. Hill will also appear in court again on Dec. 17 for a pretrial conference on the forgery charge.