Campbellsburg resident unhappy with surcharge

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By The Staff

I am very disappointed in the city of Campbellsburg. I was willing to pay the surcharge that was enacted in order to complete a needed sewer project. Now, they are discussing what to do with $700,000 in leftover funds? That's great, I'm glad that they will be able to complete some other sewer projects that they weren't anticipating to in the first place. However, I didn't see anywhere in the article where they are discussing removing or reducing the surcharge. The project for which it was being used is now COMPLETED. I realize in the grand scheme of things to them, the almost $20 surcharge isn't much for each resident, but I think they need to think of things from the resident perspective. My sewer charges for the entire month aren't much more than the surcharge itself. Not counting the garbage fee, it effectively doubles my entire sewer bill all on its own. Raising a family of six on one income, I can find a lot of things that I can put that money towards to help out our family greatly. I hope they begin discussions to reduce or eliminate the surcharge soon!

Brinda Porter