Carrollton dentist sinks her teeth into Campbellsburg practice

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By Tammy Shaw

A Carrollton dentist Ann Nesmith purchased Campbellsburg Family Dentistry from long-time owner Dr. David Embry on Oct. 1 with a promise to keep the practice the same for patients.

Embry will remain until he retires, within the next several years, and will work in partnership with Nesmith.

On Oct. 18 the practice mailed a letter from Embry to patients, which announced the change.

“As I approach retirement age, my primary concern is making sure my patients continue to receive first class dental care,” Embry wrote to current patients.

Embry plans to retire in “four or five years,” he said.

“You have my assurance that I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I will continue to see patients on a regular basis,” he continued.

Nesmith heard through the grapevine that Embry wanted to retire and “I wanted to snatch it up before someone else did,“ she said.

After graduation from University of Louisville’s dental school in 2010, Nesmith practiced for seven years before buying Carrollton Family Dentistry in 2017.

She will now run both businesses.

In addition to caring for patient needs in Carrollton, where she practices three days a week—Monday, Tuesday and Thursday—Nesmith treats patients on Wednesdays and Fridays in Campbellsburg.

Embry opened the business 36 years ago and the business will retain the current location on Main Street.

Patients “are responding well” to the change, Nesmith said.

“It’s going well,” Embry added. “Patients are very receptive and it’s reassuring for patients that things won’t change here.”

Embry will work four days a week the next “couple of months.” However, the office will be open five days a week—Monday through Friday.

Practice hours and staff, which includes Embry’s wife Kristen, who manages the office, remain unchanged.

Embry is happy to hand over administrative duties to Nesmith.

“I want to keep a good thing going,” Nesmith said.

However, she may start to accept more insurance plans.

“With new industries moving here, we want a chance to care for their employees,” Nesmith said.

The owner hopes with new patients, the practice will grow. If so, more community jobs may open.

Even though Nesmith will add two more 10-hour work days to her schedule, she welcomes the chance to stay busy. “I won’t be nearly as bored,” she said, although the first couple of weeks were “hectic.”

Nesmith lives in Oldham County with husband Peter and two children, age 10 and 13.

Embry is moving “closer” to retirement and wants to provide a smooth transition for patients and staff well before his departure. “I want patients to continue to receive treatment in the location they are familiar with,” he said.

“Dr. Embry is a mentor. He’s helped with the transition and I’m sure he has a lot to teach me,” Nesmith said.