Cravens and Brent to face off for judge-executive in fall

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Tingle, Southworth and Smith also win their races

By Taylor Riley

Henry County voters in the primary election decided which two candidates for judge-executive will appear on the fall ballot.


In all, the outcome of five local contests were decided in the primary with a total of 2,531 voters coming out to the polls. Henry County residents also participated in choosing a Democrat to run for Congress in the 4th District this fall.

In the race for judge-executive, voters chose incumbent John Logan Brent over Glenn A. Baxter, 1,303 to 496 on the Democrat side, in unofficial results. Brent defeated Baxter with 72.43 percent of the vote.

“A win is a win,” Brent said. “I’m glad this phase is over. Now we have to get ready for phase two.”

On the Republican ballot, Danny Cravens, the retiring sheriff, won over Bonnie Martin-Duke, 428 to 274. Cravens defeated Duke with 60.97 percent of the vote.

Cravens, who will run against Brent in the fall, said now the real work begins. “I’ll take it all in tonight, but then I’ll lay out a strategy plan and get to work,” Cravens said.

Henry County Democrats also chose Seth Hall over Patti Piatt and Christina Lord 1,050 to Piatt’s 311 and Lord’s 253 to unseat U.S. House Rep. Thomas Massey in the fall. Hall won with 65.06 percent of the total votes. Hall prevailed in Henry County, where he was born and raised.

Hall also prevailed in the district by garnering 17,859 votes to Piatt’s 16,441 and Lord’s 9,509 to go on to appear on the general election ballot.

In a race for magistrate, District 4 Democrat Charles A. Smith won over Hugh McBurney, 232 to 110. Smith defeated McBurney with 67.84 percent of the vote. In the fall, Smith will go on to face incumbent Terri Cummings, a Republican, who was not challenged in the primary.

In District 5 magistrate race, Jamie Tingle won over Richard Steele, 74 to 38 in a race on the Republican ballot. Tingle defeated Steele with 66.07 percent of the vote.

“I’m looking forward to November,” Tingle said. “I look to find a common ground. You have to have the determination and will to do it.”

As the winner in the primary, Tingle will go on to face incumbent Michael Fisher, a Democrat, for the magistrate seat in the fall.

For Henry County jailer, incumbent Scott Southworth won over Wesley Morrison Jr., 1,293 to 470 on the Democratic ballot. Southworth defeated Morrison with 73.34 percent of the total vote.

Southworth does not face an opponent in the fall election.

“I’m excited and am proud to work for Henry County again,” Southworth said.

Official results come out later this week, according to the county clerk’s office.

Candidate filings had set up a number of general election contests in November, including:

• Keith Perry, Republican, and Danny Stivers, Democrat, competing for the sheriff’s position being vacated by Danny Cravens.

• incumbent Rickey Timberlake, a Democrat, will need to fend off a challenge from Roger Hartlage, a Republican, in order to return to the District 2 magistrate seat.

• incumbent magistrate in District 3, Jason Stanley, a Democrat, will face Republican Bill Tapp.

• in District 1, Jimmy Tingle, a Democrat, and William Dale, a Republican, will both seek the constable position.

Several candidates seeking office in general election are unopposed, including District 1 Magistrate Scott Bates, District 6 Magistrate Jerry Beasley, County Attorney Virginia Harrod, County Clerk Shanda Archer, Court Clerk Gina Lyle, Property Valuation Administrator Jason Scriber, Coroner Jimmy Pollard, James Edds for constable in District 2, Richard Jaehnigen for constable in District 4 and Roger Beasley for constable in District 6.