C’Burg sewer in limbo

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

General Manager

After considerable discussion about the city’s sewer system, two members of the Campbellsburg City Council will serve on a committee to take part in meetings about work on the city’s sewer project.

The move comes after the council learned in September that the system would need still more work before Carrollton Utilities would agree to take over the sewer system completely.

Specifically, CU’s Bill Osborn told the council in September that a pump station, referred to as the Suter pump station, would need to be replaced because it couldn’t handle the flow it received, and two others would need new controls. Additionally, Osborn also told the council at the time that the system had a problem with rain water infiltration.

Monday night, Osborn indicated that until those problems were fixed, the CU board likely would not approve the transfer of ownership.

“We’re here to help you, we’re in this with you,” he said. “We’re connected to you, and we have a vested interest in you.”

Tetra Tech’s Dan Shoemaker suggested CU and the city enter into an interim agreement to complete work.

Osborn said CU could complete work on the system, and would not charge for labor, particularly when it came to the work he discussed in the September meeting.

CU received bids for the work that came in far lower than initially estimated, Osborn said. The bids ranged from the S61,600 to $99,000.

Council member Rex Morgan asked if Tetra Tech, the engineering firm handling the design of the city’s sewer projects, would refund its engineering fees for the Suter pump station.

Morgan said he was concerned that the city would be spending about $60,000, depending on bids, to repair the station.

“As a member of the city council, I think it’s the city’s responsibility to the residents to engage in conversation with Tetra Tech for the (money) the city is out because that work was done at the guidance of Tetra Tech,” he said.

Morgan also suggested that the city have an audit conducted on the project, though he said he didn’t think anyone had necessarily done anything wrong.

“Considering how long this has been drawn out and how many hands have been in the cookie jar, (conduct an audit) to let us know where we stand, to make sure it’s all factual.”

Shoemaker said he would approach the company board about looking into the details of the Suter lift station.

Shoemaker also said he was conducting his own audit of the project, and that there have been about 200 transactions related to the project.

Later, Morgan requested more regular updates about the sewer project so he wouldn’t be surprised at council meetings, as he was last month.

“That’s the way it’s been with this project for several months,” he said, adding that residents would ask him where the project stands, and he couldn’t answer them.

Later in the meeting, Henry County Judge-Executive John Logan Brent suggested representatives from the city attend meetings with Tetra Tech and CU about the project. Morgan and council member Earl Higgins aggreed to serve on that committee.

The council also gave CU permission to proceed with the work on the pump stations, provided the cost didn’t exceed $125,000.

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