Don't let pool issue divide community

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By The Staff

Last week when I read the article entitled "Council Awards Pool Bid," I was shocked! The article mentioned that the meeting was at times contentious. If I read it correctly, it appears that at one or two times during the meeting, people were close to "blows and subject to verbal abuse." This is sad because instead of bringing the community closer together, "the pool" seems to have divided the citizens of Eminence.

Although a contract has been awarded to a company, may I suggest to our "elected officials" that you possibly re-think this whole issue of re-opening the swimming pool. A quarter of a million dollars is a lot of money to spend on a pool, especially when Eminence is in need of so many other things. Is it fair to raid infrastructure and water and sewer reserve funds for this project? Is it fair to take money from the general fund that was earmarked for something else? Is it legal? What about emergencies?

May I also suggest that when citizens attend public meetings, that they not be allowed to badger city employees or impose their personalities, their wishes, their desires on the proceedings of the meetings. The Mayor and Council are in charge of the meetings. That body is to set the tone and limit the amount of time persons speak.

Think also about the possibility of having some long range planning sessions---soon. What is it that Eminence will need in the next 25 years? 10 years? 5 years? What is it that city employees will need in order to do their work properly? And during those same time periods, what will Eminence look like when it comes to neighborhoods? schools? business/industries, etc. How will the city work with all these concerns and where will the funding come from? If we don't plan, we plan to fail.

I have found that in the time that I have lived here, Eminence is a good place with a lot of potential to grow in so many ways. But we won't grow as a community if we are divided. Think about it.

Sharon Fields