Fitness beginnings: make exercise a habit; KSF August 16

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By Cathy Toole

We all know we should exercise every day for better health, but fitting it in can be tricky with demands of home, family and career.
Before you know it, you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon–it’s easy when you miss one day, then skip the next one.
That’s why it is so important for us to make exercise a daily habit.
Research suggests it takes 21 days of doing an activity before it becomes a habit.
Actually, if the habit is a new or a harder one (like exercise), it can take the average person up to 66 days to form a strong habit.
Some tips to work exercise into your day:
• Set daily workout reminders on your phone or keep a daily activity log.
• Exercise around the same time each day. Try to exercise first thing in the morning or right after work. It is really hard to stay motivated if you go home before hitting the gym.
• Make your gym clothes visible. Lay your gym clothes out the night before. You may even want to sleep in them if you plan to work out first thing in the morning. If you prefer evening workouts, put them by the door or in your car the night before so you don’t forget them before going to work.
• Choose goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) and track your progress.
• Post your goals. Decide what your fitness goals are, and post them in a place where you’ll see them to keep you focused. Reward yourself when you achieve your goal.
• Pick some activities you enjoy and switch up your routine to make it interesting. Being active does not always mean going to the gym. You can always walk or run outside or play a sport.
• Exercise around others. Work out with a friend, sign up for a class or meet with a trainer to help you stick to your goal.
For more about
incorporating exercise into your day, contact the extension office.
Source: Natalie Jones, UK physical activity program coordinator
The Kentucky State Fair begins
The Kentucky State Fair begins Thursday, August 16.
Henry County 4-Hers will be there in full force throughout the fair.
The biggest change in the state fair for 4-Hers is that Cloverville, with all of the 4-H exhibits, will now be in the South Wing, not the West Wing, where you will find a lot of sweet faces of sheep greeting you.
The animal shows have gone through some changes as well this year and the animals needed the room, so please look for all 4-H items on display in the South Wing.
Thursday is the day that over 750 youth will give speeches about curing country hams.
There will be 16 youth from Henry County competing in the event.
Friday, August 17: the Rabbit Show, Poultry Judging and Entrepreneur Day happen: 4-H youth participate in all of these events.
On Sunday, we will have a team of youth competing in Cupcake Wars in Cloverville. Youth will be showing sheep and market goats on Tuesday, August 21.
The steer, swine and market lambs will be on Wednesday, August 22.
On Thursday, the Crossbred Market Hogs and Heifers will show.
Following the animal shows will be something new for Kentucky Animal Shows. There will be a Parade of Champions at 6:30 p.m. in Broadbent Arena.
The Kentucky State Fair is a showcase of all the great things that 4-Hers have learned over the past year.
I encourage everyone to come and check out all that the fair and 4-H has to offer.
I am extremely proud of all the youth that will be there representing our county, so come and join me and let’s cheer them on as they compete at the highest state level.
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