Keeper's opens for Lent

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Owners: 'He hurt us, but we’re a lot stronger now. We have better things coming'

By Taylor Riley

A Shelbyville man was arrested after a break-in at Keeper's Seafood Restaurant early Tuesday morning.


Christopher Crouch, 29, was arrested at around 3 a.m. Tuesday by Kentucky State Police on charges of third degree burglary, first degree criminal mischief and alcohol intoxication in a public place.

But it was way worse than the Forees, owners of Keeper’s, could have imagined.

Rick Foree Jr. walked the Local through the damage a day after Crouch destroyed his family’s pride and joy.

Foree Jr., who just moved back with his family to Henry County from Lexington, received a knock on the door before 4 a.m. Tuesday from KSP. He knew instantly it had to have been a break-in at the restaurant.

He asked Officer Jonathon Callis if any money was stolen, and when Callis told him, “no,” Foree Jr. was relieved.

Callis then took him to survey the damage, and Foree Jr. later said he wished Crouch had just stolen money. What the Forees walked into, horrified them.

Crouch was seen on surveillance tape throwing a cinderblock through the front door, chugging a fifth of tequila, pouring and then smashing glass beer and liquor bottles on the floor, ripping a television screen and security cameras off the wall, destroying each of the electronic systems worth thousands. And worse … urinating inside the family-owned business.

“It was complete chaos,” Foree Jr. said. “To see my parents’ faces drop, it hurt.”

The security system triggered KSP to make its way to Lake Jericho Road, where Crouch was caught in the act. The Foree family thought at first the culprit may have been a disgruntled former employee or someone looking for money, but in the end, they did not recognize Crouch. They believe it was just a random act.

“If they wanted to take something, they will,” Foree Sr. said. “But, we never thought that this would happen.”

Now, the Forees are replacing––upgrading––its computer systems and cleaning up the damage.

“We’re not going to let some guy stop us,” Foree Jr. said. “He hurt us, but we’re a lot stronger now. We have better things coming”

The family, made up of parents Pamela and Rick Foree Sr., Rick Foree Jr. and brother Josh, two sisters Katherine and Elizabeth and in-laws, are overjoyed with the support of the community and beyond. Friends, family and businesses have come and knocked on the popular restaurant’s door and asked what they could do to help, donating their work and time to get the business going again.

“The community came out strong,” Foree Jr. said. “It’s an emotional thing.”

But Foree Jr. said they don’t need for anything. They just want the community to come support them this weekend.

“Stop by and say 'hi,'” he said. “Stop and get a fish sandwich.”

Crouch is held at the Oldham County Jail. 

Keeper’s reopened on Thursday for its biggest times of the year––Lent. It celebrates eight years in business on Sunday.

It opens most days beginning at 4 p.m. for dinner, but the owners say to check Facebook for updated operating times.