From the kids’ perspective: The involvement of kids at TTD

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By Olin Inscore Essick

The Theatre Downstream (TTD) brings lots of people together, old and young. Most people might think of TTD as adult actors or directors, but kids contribute to TTD in lots of ways.

Often, children are on-stage acting. For example, in “Annie” and “The Wizard of Oz,” children were the main characters.

Children are usually handing out playbills and showing guests to their seats. At the last performance of “He Needed Killin’,” a kid my age showed me and my family to our seats.

TTD’s concession stand is a favorite place for kids, especially my sister. Working the concession stand for “He Needed Killin’” were two elementary school students, Cali Johnson and Abbi Whitt. The concession stand is located in the lobby, and it offers a variety of snacks and water. When asked about what their job is, Johnson and Whitt said “we mostly count money and sell people food.” Volunteers like Johnson and Whitt must arrive early to set up and prepare. They had to attend each practice, too, because their parents were involved in the play. Johnson and Whitt agreed that their favorite part of the job is “meeting people.”

If kids are interested in acting or volunteering at TTD for its next play, “The Sound of Music,” they can visit www.thetheatredownstream.com for more information.