Let me tell you something...

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Diabetes is not just a problem of the individual.  Diabetes is a problem of the family and society.  Diabetes is not a disease of the weak-willed. It is not a disease just for the obese. No one with diabetes decided to not care about their health. We all care about our health and do the best that we can. 

No person with diabetes is to blame for their disease. No one deserves it, and despite your misinformed judgment that your loved one with diabetes “doesn’t take care of themselves,” we are doing our best.

A symptom of high blood sugar is extreme hunger. The body’s cells cannot access the sugar in the blood. The cells in the body are starving. They send a signal to the brain, “eat, eat, eat.” A person who has undiagnosed diabetes is at the mercy of their starving cells. The problem is that, so long as they go undiagnosed, no matter how much they eat, their cells will continue to starve. Their cells will not stop asking the brain to keep eating.

Diabetes is a problem of society. The more we blame people with diabetes, the longer it will take to make actual strides to stop diabetes.  Diabetes is not just their problem, it is our problem.

We have support and education available in our community.  Contact Mona Huff at North Central District Department at 633-1243 or 845-6849 for additional information!

— Mona Huff, Community Organizer