Local relative is someone to be proud of

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By The Staff

I've made my Christmas list and I've checked it twice. I am having trouble finding a few gifts that would be nice. You have a great aunt of mine that lives in your peaceful and fondly missed town, Anne Wentworth. I think most of you know each other and can appreciate my struggle with finding "Aunt Fran" the right gift.

Every family has them, members who deserve the world but want nothing. When I was a child Aunt Fran would send her Christmas gifts early. Her package was typically the largest box under the tree with my name on it. My brother and I would drive my mom nuts begging to open it early. I knew it was filled with candies, a doll, school supplies, festive socks and an ornament with my name and the year engraved on it. Not only would I receive wonderful Christmas presents but on my birthday I would get a present wrapped in the comic section of the newspaper. In fact, Aunt Fran sent me a card with a few dollars tucked inside for EVERY holiday, even St. Patrick's Day.

My sons now reap the gifts from Aunt Fran. When holidays approach they race for the mail box searching for Aunt Fran's handwriting. She occasionally sends treats in the mail to remind us how much she loves us. When I was a child I enjoyed the gifts filled with candy and getting mail. Now, as a mother of two, I enjoy her gifts because I know they are filled with love and thoughtfulness. She clips me recipes and coupons for my family. There is always a pack of gum with "Chris" written on it and the boys like that even mom gets candy. I know she doesn't enter a store without thinking of others.

I don't know of the perfect gift for Aunt Fran other than her town knowing that she is loved and appreciated by her family. She doesn't know how much I think of her and miss her because I've done a poor job of showing it. She'll send me a note with a weather update not knowing that I check the New Castle homepage and I know that it's 53 with a chance of rain later in the week. She is unaware that I keep up with her and the town she lives in. She doesn't know that I know that Eminence has been debating liquor by the drink. She also doesn't know that I would sneak to her basement with the bourbon balls and eat as many as fast as I could. I thought I was getting away with murder.

I sit looking at my Christmas tree adorned with ornaments she's given us though the years pondering on how to let her know I love her. I ask that you print this in your paper so that she will know how proud her family is of her and how much we love her. There are some people in our lives that are hard to buy for because they don't want things of the world instead they want gifts from our heart.

Chrisie Robeson

Gainesville, Ga