Louisville groomers’ roots are firmly planted in Henry County

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By Taylor Riley

William and Khris Berry share their roots in Henry County, but now their pet grooming and day care business has expanded to two states. The couple, co-owners of three See Spot Grooming salons in Prospect, on Shelbyville Road and Lime Kiln Lane in Louisville, grew up together.
William, of Port Royal and Kris, of New Castle, attended Henry County Middle and High School (class of 1985) as well as the University of Louisville together. William transferred to the University of Kentucky after freshman year, and the two went their separate ways – starting families and careers away from each other.
After college, Khris began her career in dog grooming in Northern Kentucky and William began in the banking business. After many decades, the friends eventually reunited. William retired from banking and Khris left 31 years in the pet grooming and boarding business to create her own business model.
So, See Spot Grooming was created. See Spot, which opened first at Lime Kiln Lane in 2012 and then in St. Matthews in 2014, is an innovative company that focuses on “transparency, safety and relationships between staff and customers,” according to Khris.
Khris wanted to start something brand new in the industry; a shop that values education and professionalism as well as stability for customers and their employees.
Jourdan Zaczek, manager of the Lime Kiln Lane location, began at See Spot as a Ballard High School student and moved his way up in the company. Now 21, Zaczek has nothing but nice things to say about how the company is structured for its employees.
“There are infinite growth possibilities, to go off on (our) own and own (our) own salon,” Zaczek said. “It’s a small family-owned business that includes us all as family.”
William agrees, saying See Spot paves the way for employees to reach their goals so that the company “thrives for many years” after he and Khris retire.
Dog grooming jobs are among the most dangerous jobs and what most people don’t know is they need a lot of education. See Spot requires groomers to have one year of training before they’re out on the floor.
Brittney Valle, director of education at the salon and daughter of Khris, develops lesson plans for the grooming education classes they hold at the business. She also competes for Team USA at international competitions, as one of the top groomers in the country.
“I’m invested in the industry,” Valle said. “We are showcasing you can be skilled and educated and bring the industry along.”
The company is somewhere in the middle of mom and pop shop and corporation, according to Khris. There is structure and policy like a corporation but also the groomers still have freedom to be creative.
“It’s refreshing,” Valle said.
Brittany Melton, a groomer in the salon, came from two and a half years at a corporation. She was seeking higher skills and furthering her education.
“I’ve never had a company care so much about furthering my education,” Melton said.
The “groomer-centric” salon focuses on the customer to make sure the dog and owner are “well provided for,” according to Khris.
“We really get to know the customers,” William said. “We make sure the groomers interface with them.”
The couple now has three stores in Louisville, one that just opened in Prospect, two stores in Florida and one under construction in Florida. The couple, who married in 2016, maintains a very busy schedule, traveling back and forth between Kentucky and Florida. In 2017, they serviced 27,000 pets at all of their locations.
They hope to eventually expand the business model and continue educating groomers in their salon and at other franchises around the country. The locations also provide daycare services, but no overnight or extended stays. For more information, go to www.seespotgrooming.com.