Louisville man suspected of luring local teen for sex

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By Christopher Brooke

 A 36-year-old Louisville man has been charged with trying to procure a minor for sex, after a citizen intervened in a recent situation at Coach D Park in Eminence, according to Eminence Police Chief Kevin Kemper.

Vien Chi Lam is being held at Oldham County Jail while the investigation continues.

The incident came to police attention when a citizen’s suspicions were aroused by behavior he observed between an adult male and a young female at Coach D.

The citizen had no relationship with either person involved, but had simply gone to the park with his own child.

“If this parent hadn’t run this guy off, [the suspect] would have had her,” Kemper said. “He actually had the backbone to walk over and say this is not right, this needs to stop. He actually confronted this guy and then called us. I mean, this guy’s a hero.”

This is a developing story. For more, see the Aug. 30 edition of the Henry County Local and www.hclocal.com.