Much of county left in disrepair after flooding, mudslide

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See which roads are still closed Monday

By Taylor Riley

Many portions of Henry County were left in disastrous conditions after multiple torrential downpours flooded roads and caused a mudslide last week.


Significant damage was reported on Fox Creek and Fox Run Road, county roads in the Deerfield subdivision of Pendleton, according to Henry County Judge-Executive John Logan Brent.

Several points in the county affected school bus traffic and neighbors such as Jeannean Heber, who lives on Fox Run Road, have complained of bus stop traffic backed up and has caused safety concerns.

According to Henry County Public Schools Transportation Director Kevin Whitt, there were problems in a few spots in the county but most have been corrected as of publication.

No injuries were reported, according to Emergency Management Director Mike Hilliard.

“The rains are unrelenting and unlike anything has been experienced before,” Brent said in an email. “The impacts will be long-lasting. We will be seeing the effects for months and years ... With over 200 total miles of roads we ask for citizens patience as we work through the issues.”

Sen. Paul Hornback said he, Judge Brent and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) are working hard to target the roads that are in need of major repair.

“We will try to address those (issues) as quickly as possible,” Hornback said. “We have to make the best use of resources.”

Hornback said crews are out working the roads and the state will soon get engineers in the flooded spots of the county to see which roads need the most help. Hornback said there isn’t much the state can do until the area dries out.

“There’s no way to ensure that these roads will not be closed again,” Andrea Clifford, Public Information Officer for KYTC, Louisville District 5, said in an email. “Flooding is not something we can control, particularly when roads are in low-lying areas.”

Clifford said Monday that crews have cleared the mudslide on Highway 389 at Highway 202, and the road was reopened Friday. She said crews are still working on the mudslide at KY 389 near Leadmine Road, which is still closed as of publication.

“The ground was so saturated that it could not hold the trees in place on the hillside along (the road),” she said. “KYTC only owns a limited amount of right-of-way on each side of the pavement. So, we can only maintain the property that we own.”

Hornback said he has made requests for state funding for the long list of previous state road projects in the county.

The senator said all of his district 20 counties of Henry, Carroll, parts of Jefferson, Shelby and Trimble are in serious need of repairs to state roads.

“We only have so many resources,” Hornback said. “We are way behind on projects (due to weather).”

The State Highway Garage could not be reached for comment.  

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